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“Watching Over Nothing” [assigned]

Jay Gatsby, in his pink suit, watches the Buchanan household for Daisy.

It seems as though Gatsby wasted his life when he did not accomplish his sole goal to win Daisy’s heart. Nobody but Nick, and Owl Eyes came to his funeral, and that shows that nobody was truly affected by his existence. When Gatsby thought that he had finally won Daisy’s love, Daisy was just using him to spite Tom. Throughout the novel, Gatsby believes that he could reinvent the past so that he and Daisy would be together, and he has never stopped believing it. The reader knows the truth that the love Gatsby gives Daisy is unrequited, but Gatsby never has the chance to know that his love is not returned.
This scene is a perfect example of the “love corner” that is going on in the book. It is not a “love triangle” because of the simple fact that no one is returning love to Gatsby. It looks as if Gatsby could be cut out of the entire picture because he stands afar on the big lawn of the Buchanan household. To further isolate him, he wears a distasteful pink suit, which he only wears because of Daisy. He stands outside of the picture, waiting for Daisy to send him an SOS so that he can come save her. The scene is representative of Gatsby’s wait for Daisy’s love. The facts of unrequited love remain the same for this scenario, Gatsby was “watching over nothing.”
The fact that Gatsby was confident in his plan to win Daisy gives the reader hope, but in this scene, where Daisy and Tom are “not happy, but not unhappy,” the characters let the reader know that their marriage is stronger than a long lost friend who would give his life for his love.
One is comforted by the fact that Gatsby did not give up hope, but the truth remains that no matter how close on the Buchanan lawn Gatsby stands, he cannot reinvent the past, for there is not one caring person there to recreate it with.