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Fashion of the Roaring Twenties- smileinc1120, ilikebutterflies, cheer2191x

Fashion and Lifestyles of the Roaring Twenties

Several fashion statements that emerged from the flapper fashion of the roaring twenties still exist or have reemerged in society today. From flapper’s high heels to bobbed haircut, reminiscence of the twenties are present in current lifestyles.

There are several periodic examples in the novel The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Nick says: “I have been drunk just twice in my life…” (Fitzgerald 29). This is a result of the prohibition movement.

“In the main hall a bar with a real brass rail was set up, and stocked with gins and liquors and with cordials so long forgotten that most of his female guests were too young to know one from another” (Fitzgerald 40). Another result of prohibition.

“The last swimmers have come in from the beach now and are dressing up-stairs; the cars from New York are parked five deep in the drive, and already the halls and salons and verandas are gaudy with primary colors, and hair shorn in strange new ways, and shawls beyond the dreams of Castile” (Fitzgerald 40). This shows the automobile craze, the fashion statements of the bobbed haircuts and feather boas.

“…and a great number of single girls dancing individualistically…” (Fitzgerald 46). Women were now more independent and did not need a man to dance with.

In the 1920’s, Flappers were changing the ways of the Gibson Girl. Dress lines were dramatically shortened, hair was chopped off, and some dared to paint their faces in makeup. The doll’s outfits we created include Flapper inspirations, along with a modern twist. Feathers and fur were big with the flappers. Extravagant, sparkling outfits were common pieces for a Flapper to wear while going dancing. Head scarves covering short cropped hair were also trendy, as well as long beaded necklaces. Drawing inspiration from some of these Flapper fashions, we created a few outfits for our little Flapper Girl, ranging from dancing outfits to a casual outfit, and even fancy evening wear. The bold colors such as hot pink and purple added a modern look. Along with the eye popping colors, the bags our doll is sporting really modernize the look. The zebra print bag, with a strap decked out in polka dots encompasses some of today’s fashion, along with the large fur bag with a sparkling strap. Bold colors and outrageous prints are big among the fashionable in today’s society. The polka dot pattern that appears in some of the outfits, whether it is part of a dress or headband, are quite popular among the young and fashionable of today’s stylish individuals.


Long Necklaces continue to be a fashion from the 1920s to present

Long necklaces continue to be a fashion since the 1920s

Bobbed Haircuts can also be seen on the social scene in the 1920s and present

Bobbed haircuts were popular in the 1920s

Feather Boas were characteristic of flapper girls in the 1920s and are still worn today

Flowing Flapper Dresses are the most commonly associated with the Roaring Twenties and are still around


Musical References to Catcher in the Rye- smileinc1120, foodfish, chairandtable, inuxattitudex80




The song “Catcher in the Rye” by Guns N Roses reveals a unique parallel to the novel by J.D. Salinger. The opening lyrics of the song capture one theme of the novel through the eyes of Holden Caulfield, the novel’s protagonist. The theme of preservation of youth and innocence manifests itself in certain parts of the song. The lyrics “that’s what the old folks say, but every time I’d see them, makes me wish I had a gun,” conveys the idea of thriving on innocence and not paying heed to the words of the ‘older folk’. Such images are present in lyrics throughout this song, forming a connection with the novel. Though the lyrics were not intended to form a direct congruence with the novel itself, they could be changed to more closely relate to the themes present in the novel, including the pain in aging and the idea of isolation for self-preservation.

This song explicitly connects to the theme and plot of the novel. The lyrics express a few of the major sentiments present in the novel as well as implicitly making references to the ducks in the wintertime and the kings lined up in the back row, which Holden associates with Jane’s checker game. The song captures the narrative and connects with Holden’s life through his tale in New York City, taking the long way back home. This slideshow presentation makes a visual connection to the narrative present in Salinger’s novel, and is set to the song “Holden Caufield” by Piebald.

Another Lonely Day by Ben Harper

In the song Another Lonely Day by Ben Harper, the first verse describes Holden Caulfield perfectly. When Ben Harper says that he is alone again and the emptiness is crashing in, it is exactly how Holden feels about Allie. It is evident that Holden adored Allie very much and his dying at such a young age visibly upsets Holden. Holden feels as though Allie wasn’t given a chance to live the life that he was supposed to. Later in the song, Ben Harper says “Cause the one I love today I hardly know you I held so close in my heart oh dear grow further from me.” This describes Holden’s feelings regarding his love for Jane. Unfortunately, he is forced to leave the school and does not have a chance to see her. Holden’s reaction when Stradlater talks about Jane make it clear that he has very strong feelings for her. Ben Harper’s lyrics also relate to Holden’s unmet desires. He says, “Wish there was something I could say or do I can resist anything But temptation from you But I’d rather walk alone than chase you around.” Holden demonstrates his love for Jane through his thoughts but not through his actions. So far in what I have read, Holden has not gone after Jane. He had a few nights left at Pencey Prep and could possibly find her yet he ventures to New York City. Holden is very isolated and keeps his feelings and emotions inside rather than releasing them.

Unwell by Matchbox Twenty

Hold on
Feeling like I’m headed for a breakdown
And I don’t know why…

All day staring at the ceiling
Making friends with shadows on my wall
All night hearing voices telling me
That I should get some sleep
Because tomorrow might be good for something

In the song Unwell by Matchbox Twenty, the first verse describes Holden Caufield the best. In the song, Matchbox Twenty describes a person who appears to have fewer friends than he would like to have, like Holden. The song says, “All day staring at the ceiling, making friends with shadows on my wall.” Although Holden may not actually do that, the idea that the characters main friends are his own shadows relates to him very well. In the novel, Holden is some sort of outcast, as it is shown in the opening chapters. Holden does not like to go the Pencey’s football games although he may meet people there who he can become friends with. Also, in the chorus, the singer talks about how he is feeling unwell, but he is not crazy. If someone were to stay with him and talk to him, he/she would realize who he really is. This also relates to Holden as well, as he is having many problems in his life at the moment, with him constantly failing out of school and his situation with both his parents and Jane. He is also flunking out of school, and has a fear of adult situations; all he wants to do is go back to when Allie is brother was alive. With that combination he is headed for a breakdown if he doesn’t get serious and try to move on. Holden may just need someone to comfort him and talk to him about what is going on in his life in order to get Holden back on track to where he wants to be in the future.