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The Great Gatsby PowerPoint (mathandscience0, assigned)

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The Great Gatsby Project, By Jason

The Great Gatsby, although containing a plot, is a novel primarily about sharing Nick’s view of Gatsby with the reader. Therefore, the most important passages to the novel are not only the ones that develop the plot, but the instances in which Nick learns information about Gatsby that causes his perception of Gatsby to change. In the first chapter, Nick tells the reader that Gatsby “represented everything for which [he has] an unaffected scorn.” This is a clearly negative opinion of Gatsby, but Nick also tells us in the same paragraph that he eventually came to admire Gatsby. The passage I choose depicts the scene in which Nick, for possibly the first time, clearly has a lasting positive opinion of Gatsby.

This portion of the passage is the background that Jordan told Nick. In this scene, both Nick and the reader learn much about Gatsby’s past and Daisy’s past, and everything about Gatsby’s past with Daisy. Gatsby wanted Nick to learn about his past and Daisy’s past through Jordan Baker. As will be shown in the next scene, Gatsby seems to want to distance himself from the possibility of rejection as much as possible. This shows that he believes Daisy will be, or already is, very important to him.

It is in this section of the passage that Nick’s opinion of Gatsby changes. To Nick, Gatsby becomes someone who has “an extraordinary gift for hope, a romantic readiness such as [he has] never found in any other person.” Gatsby’s humble request shows his subtle reliance on others and his hope that these others will acquiesce. The fact that he engineered the entire situation demonstrates Gatsby’s meticulous nature and his ability to plan ahead. It is possible that this was the instant that Nick began to admire Gatsby, when Nick discovered the gigantic scale of Gatsby’s plan to reunite with Daisy.

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