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Gatsby’s Tea Party Assigned

I feel that a very significant part of the story is when Daisy is invited over to Nick’s cottage for tea.  This is the point in the novel when Gatsby tries to recreate where he was five years ago.  A happier time, before he went into the military.  Gatsby wants things to be just how they were before he left.  Gatsby takes great comfort in seeing Daisy’s porch light on every night.  It makes him feel close to her.  Gatsby still loves Daisy and he wants Daisy to love him again.  So, Gatsby comes up with a plan.  Nick, Gatsby’s friend, lives right next door.  Daisy is Nick’s cousin.  Wouldn’t it be convenient if Nick invited Daisy over for tea and Gatsby happened to be there too?  Although things looked promising, what Gatsby did not understand is that you can never recreate the past. 

When Nick calls up Daisy he tells her that she should not bring Tom, her husband.  Instead of asking why not, she responds with “who is Tom?” Daisy does not truly care if he is involved in this tea or not.  Inside, Daisy still has some type of feelings for Gatsby.  If she did not have such strong feelings for Gatsby, she would have wanted Tom to come with her.

The day that they are scheduled to have tea is a very rainy day, which sets the mood as gloomy.  This weather is nerve racking for Gatsby and he thinks that Daisy is not going to show up.  As the day progresses, the weather begins to clear up.  As the weather clears up, the tea party seems to get better, and the day turns out great for Gatsby.  The tea party goes exactly how he wanted it to go.

Gatsby wants the day to be perfect.  Gatsby is concerned that Nick’s house is not good enough to impress Daisy.  So, Gatsby sends his gardener over to Nick’s house to groom Nick’s lawn.  Gatsby sends over flowers so that Nick’s garden would look pretty.  Gatsby wants to make sure everything is perfect for Daisy.

Gatsby comes to Nick’s cottage dressed elegant and but he is very worried.  Gatsby wants to make sure he does everything right in order to impress Daisy.  He really wants to impress her. Gatsby has been awake and stressed out about recreating the past, and making everything perfect, he has had no time to sleep.  When he first gets to Nick’s cottage he has big bags under his eyes.  He is so tired that when Nick talks to him, he cannot even pay attention and stares blankly.  If Gatsby was not so worried about impressing Daisy and had gotten some sleep, he would have been able to function better at the tea party.

Gatsby tells Nick that he read in the newspaper that the rain was supposed to stop.  Gatsby’s greatest concern is that the afternoon goes right.  He wants to make sure that Nick has the highest quality tea and cakes because he is so concerned about impressing Daisy.  His main goal after all is for Daisy to leave Tom and come back to him.


Which character are you

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We used colors to symbolize the personalities of the different characters.  That way it can be presented in a creative and organized manner.