Why Do We Blog?

The goal of this blog is to allow students from Mr. Cicione’s English classes the opportunity to comment on the literature that we are studying in class. Students are encouraged to find resources related to the works and share them with their classmates. As students become more familiar with this technology they will be able to incorporate ideas and items that they might not be able to present using more conventional methods. Have fun with it. —Mr. Cicione


“I blog because I was told to in English class. I think that people blog because blogging is a way of interacting with others and stating one’s ideas in a public fashion that maximizes the possibility for feedback and allows quick evolution and revision of those ideas.”

“Blogging is a way to openly express yourself, while receiving feedback on your ideas. It’s a door to sharing with the world one’s ideas and creativities.”

“Blogging is a way to share our voice with the universe. It opens new windows for our free expression.”

“I think we blog because it represents how we have become advanced as a society. It is a way to share thoughts.”

“Blogging helps us to explore our emotional world.”

“Blogging is a way to express what we feel. We might be curious about what others think about our feelings.”

“Blogging allows people to express themselves.”

“We blog because it enable us to express our feelings in an informal manner.”

“We blog because we want to express our feelings anonymously.”

“We blog because it gives us a chance to express how we feel unanimously.”

“We blog because we want to express our opinion behind a closed door.”

“We blog because we want to express our opinion to people who don’t know us because we’re too afraid to express it to people we know.”

“We blog because we have to.”

“I blog because you told me to.”

“-…Why do people blog? Why not?”

“People write blogs because nobody listens to them when they talk so they feel the need to post it for the whole world to see. They think that people care about their personal feelings and emotions.”

“We blog because we can, and because there’s nothing else to do.”

“We blog to share our thoughts. We blog because we can. Some people blog because they want feedback from strangers. Some people feel they are putting themselves out in the world when they blog- and some people have an online diary.”

“I blog, therefore I am.”

“We blog to express ourselves and share information, opinions, and feelings.”

“Blogging: just think about it.”

“East, sleep, BLOG.”

“We blog because it gives us a way to express our ideas with others.”

“We blog because Ms. X tells us to.”

“Blogging is an expression of life and feelings.”

“Blogging is a journey within yourself.”

“Blogging is a unique expression of personal experience.”

“We blog for convenience…who wants to walk all the way down the driveway when you can click your mouse? Newspapers can’t go on youtube anyway.”

“We blog because we’re emo.”

“A blog is an expression of your ideas for the whole world to see.”

“We blog because it is convenient.”

“We blog because it helps us illustrate our creativity.”

“The power of God compels us.”

“Blogging combines our two favorite things: easy access and other people’s secrets.”

“We blog because it is interesting to learn something new.”

“It’s not what you can do for your blog, but what your blog can do for you.” (John F. Kennedy Adaptation)

“We blog to continue the sustenance of life as we know it.”

“Life is serious but blogging is fun.”

“There are two kinds of people in the world: the bloggers, and the losers.”

“Great minds blog alike.”

“We blog to show our creativeness.”

“Blogging. What would the world be without it?

“A blog a day keeps the doctor away.”

“Blogging gives me life…”

“We blog because we have the technology to upload our expressions.”

“We blog because it’s a great way to show our creativity.”

“We blog because it’s the coolest.” (Billy Madison Adaptation)

“We blog because we can.”

“Because it’s easy.”

“We blog to share our ideas with the world. With a click of the mouse people in China can watch the Spice Girls.”

“To expand our knowledge off a piece of paper.”

“Because blogs bring happiness.”

“We blog to share our ideas with the world.”

“We blog to make connections to people we would never meet otherwise. Blogging makes the world a smaller place.”

“Blogging brings us closer to the technological world that exists around us.”

“Blogs are the newest vessels of information and opinions.”

“We blog because we have to do it for a certain English project.”

“We blog because we are each a volcano of passion and ideas, and if we were to hold all of these passions in they would explode and die, and no one would ever know.”

“I blog because I have ideas.”

“I blog so that people have a better understanding of certain topics.”

“Blog, because you like it.”

“I blog to share thoughts.”

“Find your way and blog today.”

“We blog for the opportunity to share our thoughts and pass English.”

“We blog for the intellectual, scholarly, and enriching discussion that ensues from our blogging experience.”

“We as a society blog for entertainment and information. We blog to show emotion, whether it be anger, happiness, etc. We also blog to invite others into the events of our lives. Still, blogs can be used to write reviews of events, books, movies, and other things as well. Blogs can be used for really any purpose. The way one uses it depends on their particular wants and needs.”


2 responses to “Why Do We Blog?

  1. Great idea đŸ™‚ So, I understand there will be more books, not only Catcher… am I correct?

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