Reality of the Upper Class (assigned)


             “And the Catlips and the Bembergs and G. Earl Muldoon, brother to that Muldoon who afterward strangled his wife. Da Fontano the promoter came there, and Ed Legros and James B. (“Rot-Gut”) Ferret and the DE Jongs and Ernest Lilly- they came to gamble, and when Ferret wandered into the garden it meant he was cleaned out and Associated Traction would have to fluctuate profitably next day.

            A man named Klipspringer was there so often and so long that he became known as “the borderer”-I doubt if he had any other home.   Of theatrical people there were Gus Waize and Horace O’Donavan and Lester Myer and George Duckweed and Francis Bull.  Also from New York were the Chromes and the Backhyssons and the Dennickers ad Russell Betty and the Corrigans and the Kellhers and the Dewers and the Sculleys and S.W. Belcher and the Smirkes and the young Quinns, divorced now, and Henry L. Palmetto, who killed himself by jumping in front of a subway train in Times Square.

            Benny McClenahan arrived always with four girls. They were never quite the same ones in physical person, but they were so identical on with another that it inevitably seemed they had been there before” (Fitzgerald 62-63).

            Throughout the novel Fitzgerald reveals that the people who live in East and West Egg who are very wealthy are also superficial and are not truly happy with their lives.  He demonstrates this when he has Nick talk about the people who he had met at Gatsby’s Party.  Everyone who Nick describes seems to have a variety of issues and do not seem to be happy with their lives.  For example, Muldoon strangled his wife.  This can be the result of two things.  Either Muldoon was not happy with his marriage and did not love his wife, or his wife cheated on him.  The Quinns also had an unsuccessful marriage.  They are divorced now.  Unsuccessful marriages among people who are wealthy is often a result of people marrying for money and not for love.  Another person that Nick talks about who is an example of how the people at Gatsby’s party are not happy is Henry L. Palmetto.  Palmetto later on killed himself by jumping in front of a train.  People who commit suicide usually have a very good reason for it.  They are normally depressed and very unhappy with their lives.  Many people would find it strange that a man who most likely had a lot of money and could do or buy anything he wanted was unhappy with his life.  In this passage, Fitzgerald is trying to reveal that money cannot buy happiness.  Fitzgerald also reveals that money corrupts people.  For example, Benny McClenahan.  Benny always arrived to Gatsby’s parties with 4 girls.  This tells the reader, is that he does not really love any of them and they don’t really love him.  The girls just want to be invited to fancy parties and are in it for the money.  “They were never quite the same ones in physical person, but they were so identical one with another that it inevitably seemed they had been there before” (Fitzgerald 63).  Nick is trying to say that although the girls are never the same they have similar personalities.  They are stuck up and only care about money.  This passage is important because it helps the reader get a better idea of the type of people who attended Gatsby’s parties.                   




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