Exquisite Corpse Poems (Class 2-3) Part 2

But then I left the set of the movie. The other actors were fakes.
“Phonies,” as if I were Holden Caulfield. When I woke a week later, I was stunned. The set had been doomed from the start. The omens were all ignored. The writing was on the walls, but was flicked clean by the tongues of the hypocrites.
Movie sets dont sit well with me. I prefer to be by the ocean. Where I can talk to my friends the ocean + the sand. They touch me like a mother touches her child and make me want to write you a letter in red pen.

She yells out loud, but no one hears a
One by One

Then the curtains close and the show ends. All are left hanging on the edge of their seats. All except for one man. One man above the rest. One with no life. But he knows what happens next but else knows.
This One man, an English teacher, couldn’t think about anything else except that monkey in his classroom.
It was a fat monkey and it took up so much space, that we could hardly breathe. It had crazy thoughts and greasy skin, and the trouble was about to begin.

Everyone has their favorite teacher. Mine happens to be about 5’10”, and always pops his collar. (why I don’t know) He’s everyone’s favorite chrome dome and if I only had a few words to describe him it would go like this…
He’s got his khakis, and his mind’s at ease, got not a hair on his head, but he’s still ready to seize; the world.
Were at Fordham today. We got there in boat. After looking in the water there were peanuts afloat.
I played baseball
in the water
and flew to Cicione land
Home of the
greatest English teacher, Mr. Cicione.

Waiting. Waiting for a call or Text Message. Or to just see that face.
I wish that I could talk to them and tell them how I feel.
But I can’t, cause THEY ALL have cotton in their ears.
Accept for Carla.
She knows.
She cares.
But carla is a gerbil.
Gerbils are more perceptive. They feel more. They live fuller. Their trapped in their cages but their more free than us. Carla is my soulmate. She is cotton free and covered in dust of the Angels.
She was brought down from Heaven- a gift from God. Who had a gerbil. Which was also heavenly.

I woke up and their he was. he watching his favorite show. House. And you know what. Sometimes I think the doctor is my teacher. So sarcastic and they both went to fordam. Except the doctor in House has hair.
Some people are really strange. They have disturbing obsessions with their teachers. Whatever happened to mental health? It died with the Surrealists.
It got buried in the sand, it slept with the clock, but only the second hand. OCD
about a man with no hair.
The Man with no hair holding the minute hand in his own hand like as if he’s trying to stop time.

85 pieces of people floating in the ocean.
And for some reason I believed that I would certainly make it out alive. Optimistic I Guess you can say.
But like most other things, optimism fails. Hope runs low, and my starry eyes go black. I cannot believe what I saw.
LIve every second like its your last because you never know when everything will just fade AWAY.
Life will take you by surprise, pull you to places and people of new. It is how you take those new places and people, that make up character.

I opened the oven.
The souffle was not there, alas.
Just a void of heat and breath.
The oven roared a scream of hot breath. As if if was disgusted with the souffle. The chef started
laughing. Uncontrollable at the sound of the roar of the oven. The cook and the oven.
He was getting Hungry but
he had no flesh to eat or any type
of meat.
So he had to go
hunting for food.
LIES no one ever
tells the truth. Who can you trust…anyone? Friends, family, Anyone out there!
Whats the point people
find out everything

At that point, I thought it was the end of the world, and I realized I had never seen anything like this before.
You’re the one
the one I want standing next to me when all my dreams come true.
It is you and it always will be.
For the rest of my days, you’re the one I want by my side.
You are my hope and love. The best of me is with you no matter where life takes us. You are mine. Always and forever.
forever is too short for me.

Red Red Brown Blue Orange Black

He couldn’t hear. His ears
were blind. H was seeing things only comprehensible to the sense of touch. Confused, he drown himself in sleep. He started
the sleep with a dive.
It took him a long time
to fall asleep
He kept overplaying the events from that evening in his mind. He couldn’t get those images out of his head.
Just knowing that two days later’ he will be reunited with his favorite class. His 2/3 odd English. With his favorite students and all. Never getting enough of the class until one day…
Hold your dress
dont stain the end.
Twril and twril
around with my friend. We laugh
and play. Until one day the
giggles are masked
with screams. and the games drenched in blood.


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