Exquisite Corpse Poems (Class 2-3) Part 1

I had a dream last night that I was doing something foolish.
Sitting on a rock. Watching people walk by without noticing me. Lighting small
fires and watching them burn.
Corner corner is my friend. corner corner until the end. I stand but I fall. I trip yet stand tall. until the end. corner corner.
Room, Room is my friend. Room Room until the end. I sit and I cry, while I try not to die. until the end. Room, room.
I have not left. My room is my friend and I’m supposed to be there till the end. But I take a chance. I step out.

The world is changing, spinning and altering experiences.
People are changing. objects are changing. And things may not be changing for the best. The world may not be spinning in the right direction, so to speak. Are we doomed?
We are doomed. As if everything were changing to be different of the other. Yet the conformity of it all. As if the dull razor of logic could cut clean the stability of conformity. Change is not unique, if it all occurs at once. When all changes things remain the same.
Nothing is the same anymore.
Everything is different. If only things could go back to where they where. Back to when your young and nothing matters.
But nothing matters when your young. The cat, the lion has gripped your tongue. All the smoke from your head has seeped into your lungs. I’ve lost;
At All.

I Got Shipments of the Letter Z,
Open them up, but I Still can’t Sleep. I swam the ocean but it swallowed me whole, and the rest of the world;
I tried to get my soul back.
The world around me was cold & black.
Where to go, what to do?
Forward, back to what I knew.
I wish you knew, how I felt,
how I think all the time, I wish you knew what I wanted you to say every
second of life!
sup, tuck, pull, tie.
shut, yell, hug, slam.
run, kick, point, cheer.
Dance, sing, run, scream

Always one foot out the
door, but no one said you
didn’t have to go.
You’re already going, but you don’t want to. The weight on your shoulder pushes you through.
You go flying– You come crashing through the window. You can’t control it and now everything is about change.
Look behind you. Splintered glass, glossed wood, and shards of the past Sprinkled on wood of the future, as the zephyr where glass had once been wraps you in mystery.
That’s all that’s left these days anyway. Dream on, dream on…

I opened my closet and there he was…
Waiting. I couldn’t see his face in the shadows.
But I could see his soul, reflecting off the rim of the moon.
I hope that his feelings are true.
He’s all I never wanted…But yet, that’s what I NEED

I don’t know how,
but it did.
And back again??
Fatal grass. The thud rattles the dirt. This one is gone. Will the flowers bloom?
The earth starts to turn.
each life waiting to
Fall or climb to the land of hope.
But falling + climbing get hard to do. Rather lay there, in the tall grass and WAIT for the time to come.
Waiting. Springs of a clock petrify with the frozen block of time.

She knew that she wasn’t supposed to do it, but she did it anyway. She opened the front door. And the minute she saw who was there, she knew that something was wrong and she should have listened to her parents. When they said not to open the door.
Standing there in the front door was now her worst nightmare.
and her worst nightmare was…
That she would forget to lock the door to lock the door to the vault.
Leaving their until one day when she runs out of heads in the fridge. Then she will go down to the vault and retrieve. All different types. But her favorite type is emo. Never getting enough.

Live Laugh Love
Cherish the memories you have and
learn from them
They are what make you.
sadness brings tears along
with happiness and smiles.
It is your life to live and cherish.
Your life to have. A scary place;
thunder, and a stripe of sun.
Bakes the shore. Kisses the
And this is what I a little place to call home. Home-
where family and life lives.
It has its ups and downs-
which explains thunder and sun.

Pulsing heart, keep beating, keep beating, falling leaves, the touch of autumn air, beachy curls the scent of sweet summer, keep beating keep beating.
I remember those days, her bright eyes shimmering in the radiant sun. The days were getting shorter.
And I was getting weaker-
weak in the knees. She blew me away. She was such a beauty. And she was my beauty.
The sound of her voice song the song in my heart. I felt infinite Watching her there. I could not move.
Yet I summoned the courage to leave. I stood and told her I was not to be fooled by the temptations of flesh. I had to keep true to my loved one. My confusion and turmoil with my wife ended at the moment I was again clouded by the clarity of reality. I returned to my love. True love.

An open field covered by a clear blanket of snow there was no sun and no clouds.
The sky was gray. The field was endless. No one was around. Nothing was there. I was walking.
Walking to a Primal place. A lace where I had been content…to the rhythm of night and day, the seasons, time, time, time. Tick, Tick.
Suddenly my cell phone rings, and a man possibily in his late 70’s screams “you’re going to be free in 7 days!”


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