Blog Critique Answers— briefly

Favorite Blogs:

  • IM message b/c it’s relateable. “…as teenagers we are reading [im] messages all the time. The conversation portrays that of any relationship w/ a crush.”
  • “about news going on in sports [b/c] that’s what i’m interested in. I also like funny blogs.”
  • blogs that have the most pictures, animations, music videos, IM convos, good visuals and layout, multiple types of media (variety), Write captions
  • ones “that were more journal like and more relaxed in writing style”
  • switched point of view, ie. told from Holden’s perspective
  • Best questions, ie. character test
  • ones with dialogue that show personality
  • blogs that are interactive rather than just reading and watching videos/animation


  • All links and images work
  • neat, organized, uncomplicated, good spacing, smart layout
  • media and design are relevant; fonts, colors, images etc. are used with reader in mind.
  • reader can understand majority of language (new slang, lingo…if not, add translation)
  • graphics, captions, short sentences, and lists!
  • short paragraphs…doesn’t strain the reader
  • Some quizzes were hard to follow, and some videos wouldn’t open.
  • ones that flow
  • shorter blog, font isn’t too small or too large, blogs with bold/italicized/underlined/colored letters to show shifts and where a new idea begins
  • blogs that describe the media
  • ones that are relatable, reflect our cultures and experiences

How Do Blog Layouts/Designs Strengthen or weaken them?

  • Beware of length and size of each item. ie. song lyrics: perhaps quote a few important lines
  • mix media and texts to create rhythm
  • “original visuals and ideas capture interest.”
  • Use font to give reader energy so remains stimulated and can navigate easily
  • Light font colors= hard to read
  • too much media can be distracting and take away meaning from text (find balance)
  • “if layout is too simple it is boring…if it is too complicated it can be hard to understand)
  • make a consistent format
  • begin blog with a Hook to catch the reader
  • “I think blogs with long passages, extremely bright colors, and large fonts are distracting and annoying to read”
  • “make sure people don’t get bored,” plain black and white not interesting
  • design and layout tell the reader something before they even read it, therefore design and layout give information
  • long, very spaced out layouts are weaker

Which blogs are experimental and take risks?

  • IM convo, it’s modern, outside norm for school writing
  • Song lyrics are great b/c they can be interpreted in so many diff. ways
  • Quizzes help connect quiz taker to characters
  • Creative and high tech
  • Those that didn’t follow topics directly but adapted them
  • Ones that engage controversial topics

How do text and media interact in the blogs?

  • Photos and media make reading text easier
  • Photos and text reflect and rely on one another
  • Text explains media further, media shows reader what blog is about and draws them in
  • Media tells what blog is about in quick glance
  • Media connects reader more to text
  • Media gives reader a break from text
  • “If you click on text and it takes you to a video [hypertext] that is media and text interacting”
  • Help overall presentation and reinforce one another
  • Media may be an afterthought, but may also be integral

Describe humor found in blogs:

  • None, all symbolic and analytical
  • Blogs with conversation are funny b/c see what people say and how they react
  • Holden Caulfield sarcasm and dry humor
  • There is a joke by bballs, reads, “long time no seee…or should is say, long time no type?” (funny b/c it’s a blog, not a conversation.)
  • Witty comments and comment conversations between users, humorous blog premises
  • The little emo people, Ackley letter where he is smelly

Write down any instructions not followed

  • Not everyone wrote a tile or “ASSIGNED” or group usernames
  • Needs to write “ASSIGNED” on blogs (in title) and comments
  • Some people did not explain how their blog related to the book!!
  • Some blogs did not have 2 media components, needs analysis paragraph
  • You may create extra comments

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