The One and Only-Holden Caulfield (Assigned) cheer23, thekingqwertyuiop, bball5

January 5th, 1952

Well what’s up my fellow bloggers?!?! Long time no see…or should I say, long time no type? Haha. Sorry I didn’t write much, I was way too busy with other things. Where should we start? Hmm, did I mention I got kicked out of school again? That is like my fifth time….I think? Haha I lost count. Anyway I finally arrived in NYC tonight, checked myself into the Edmont. Which reminds me, the weirdest thing happened to me when I was relaxing in my room. I went to my window to check out the scenery and what not, and in one room I saw a man and a woman spitting their drinks in each others face. How strange is that?!?! In another room, I saw a man wearing women’s clothing! I needed to get away from this weirdo–infested hotel. I decided to go out and party. It was quite late actually, but that didn’t stop me. The sun never sets on Holden! I called up Faith, asking her if she would want to hang out and she rejected me by saying that she needs her “beauty sleep.” Beauty sleep? What’s up with that!? She offered to hang out the next day but I said NO. I hung up and went down stairs. The hotel has this intriguing night club named The Lavender Room, which I took no hesitation in checking it out. In the club, I met these three chicks from Seattle (they totally wanted me). Everything was going good until they revealed their disgusting passion for movie stars. How can any one like movie stars? Movie stars are the ultimate definitions of Phoniness. If I made a dictionary this is what it would say under “Phony:”

Phony (adjective)

1. Not real or genuine; fake; counterfeit That watch is phony
Movie Stars; those involved in movie making; actors That Al Pacino is such a phony!
3. False: Your explanation is phony

I got very disappointed, I paid for their drinks and left. My failure in The Lavender Room made me think about Jane. Oh Jane, how I miss you. I would do anything to be with you again. I went to my room and that’s when I started to write to you guys. I’m kind of bored still; I think I’m going to go out again. Yea I guess I’ll check this place out in the Village. It’s called Ernie’s; me and D.B used to hang out there a lot. Hmm…I guess that is all for now. Sayonara!



This blog entry relates to Holden Caulfield’s sarcastic side and his reactions to what he has been going through so far. Our group thought that we could make the blog better with a journal entry and putting ourselves in Holden’s position. We chose the song Move Along by the All American Rejects because it resembled how through every event in his life, he is still moving along. Whether or not his life is getting better or worse, he knows that he is still going to move on with it. “Hmm.. did i mention I got kicked out of school again? That is like my fifth time.. I think?” In this line we brought out Holden’s careless side. He has been kicked out of yet another school, but still going on as if nothing tragic has happened at all. The use of Holden defining the word “phony” illustrates Holden’s personality. In our minds, this is how Holden would define phony if he had the opportunity. Our group believed that this journal entry gave us the opportunity to show how we viewed Holden, using the actions he takes, and putting them into our own version.


21 responses to “The One and Only-Holden Caulfield (Assigned) cheer23, thekingqwertyuiop, bball5

  1. (assigned) I like this a lot. I liked how you guys wrote the journal in Holden’s perspective. This journal totally brought out Holden’s laid back character. My favorite part of this blog is the definition of the word phony. I like the song but don’t you think that Holden can’t move on, he is kinda in this limbo between childhood and adulthood? Still, sweet blog.

  2. (assigned) I agree with funkychicken87 this is an awesome blog and conveys Holden’s personality very well. The entry especially exemplified his sarcasm that he has at certain times. The only change I would have made would be to add in something about him not being able to get a drink in The Lavender Room because then he could explain how he can normally get drinks due to his appearance. Lastly, the song is a nice touch, Holden can relate to it because he drifts through his life and just ‘moves along’ to another school time after time.

  3. (assigned) This journal does a good job of depicting Holden’s personality. The fact that he lost count of how many schools he has been kicked out of shows that he really doesn’t care and is very laid back. I also agree with funkychicken87. I think that Holden is having a lot of trouble letting go of his childhood. The main reason for this is because he misses Allie so much and it seems like the only time he was ever happy in life was when Allie was still alive.

  4. this seems like a diary entry holden wrote, but I think you could have made it sound more like him. He sounds quite feminine and not as depressed as he actually is. In fact, while reading it for some reason the tone appealed to me as upbeat and it just doesn’t sound like him. However, I did like the photo’s used because it does remind you of Holdens enviroment in the city and the color of the wine glasses give you a vivid feel of what it may have been like in the lavender room even if he didn’t get to drink.

  5. (assigned) I thought that this blog was very insightful. It perfectly demonstrates Holden’s personality when the blog talkes about his schools. It perfectly described Holden’s apathy and lack of motivation. I agree with funkychicken87 and soccergirl10 about the song. i don’t think that Holden is someone that does move on very often. Holden tends to dwell on things and hang between the two stages of adulthood and childhood.

  6. This blog is great. I love it. Great song. I agree that it does represent how Holden will move on with his life no matter what. I think he will move on, but he may not want to. He wants to stay in childhood. Great pictures. I think they’re really cool. I also love the definition of phony. I think that is exactly how Holden would define the word. I also think this is written exactly how Holden would write it. Great job.

  7. mathandscience0

    I thought that the thoughts conveyed in the entry were accurate. However, I think that if Holden had written the diary entry, there would be obscene language (curses) throughout it (although I much prefer the way it is here). On the technical side, you might want to unlink your embeded video from your taxis picture. It makes it very hard to get the video to play (at least in Firefox). Overall, good job.

  8. (assigned)This blog is great. I think that the journal entry really shows Holden’s true personality. I like that you showed that he is very sarcastic and doesn’t care what other people think. However i agree with heritics, Holden sounds alot happier in this entry than he is in the novel. Making him more depressed and confused would have been more realistic.

    Great idea for a blog. Taking on Holden’s point of view is a great and interesting way to express your ideas. I liked how you mentioned him getting kicked out of school and how it referenced his carelessness in that aspect of his life. However, I have to say that do disagree with some lines written. To me, the wording seemed a bit unlike Holden when using words like “intriguing” and “wierdo.” I also don’t think he would have wrote something about how much the chicks “wanted him” because he realized their lack of interest when they abruptly left and didn’t even offer to pay for the drinks as he says.
    Perhaps you could have analyzed the man and woman spitting drinks in each other’s faces rather than just saying “how strange is that” and dropping the point, as Holden tends to analyze things a bit before he drops them.
    The colors and pictures add a great eye-catching touch that stay true to Holden and the setting. Overall great job!

  10. ameliabedilia

    This blog is great, very bright and cheerful! I could imagine Holden speaking those same exact words in the novel. The line, “I met these three chicks from Seattle (they totally wanted me),” definitely shows Holden’s true personality. It revels his arrogance and cockiness. For additional ideas, I would suggest that next time instead of doing a summary of the novel as a whole, to possible make up some new events that Holden experienced. This would create more excitement and suspense. All together, you did wonderfully!

  11. Assigned:

    I like the idea of making a journal in Holden’s perspective. I feel that this journal did express how Holden would talk very well and it did seem as though he may have written it himself. I agree with the above comments that next time, more of how Holden would feel about the situations should be added more instead of a summary of the day’s events. Otherwise, it was very great!!

  12. (assigned)
    I think overall that you guys did a good job on this blog. I think it protrays Holden’s thoughts
    of the event very well. However in the novel, he never used words like like, yea or sayonara. I think it would have been more realistic if you used more of the vocabulary he used in the novel.

  13. worstnameever

    I loved the way you were able to incorporate many of Holden’s thoughts and feelings into the words of a modern day blogger. Even though you took a passage from the text, you were able to make it your own, although I do wish you had maybe tried to put in a little twist that deviated from the novel.

    I was most impressed by the design of your blog and how you were able to keep it entertaining with media and font changes (the definition) interspersed. Great work!

  14. (assigned)Great blog! I agree with everyone, in saying that the blog could have been a little more realistic if you used more of Holden’s vocabulary. The diary entry seemed a bit too “upbeat” or “happy” for Holden’s depressed persona. I also agree that maybe you should have went into detail on one event instead of a summary of the whole book. But other than that, i thought the idea behind it was very interesting…to get into the mind of Holden, and elaborate in a way we were unable to see in the novel.

  15. longcatislong

    (Assigned) This was an entertaining and creative blog (I liked the dictionary idea). It’s kind of short, but it seems to capture Holden’s emotions pretty well if not his specific style. For some reason I couldn’t get the video to work. Overall, nicely done.

  16. I think this well done overall. The emotions shown by Holen in this journel are similar to Holden in the book. The picture was intereesting and you can get a lot of thoughts out of it.

  17. the previous entry should have had (assigned)

  18. Assigned-

    I like the layout of your blog. You guys used a good mix of media and writing to keep the audience interested and entertained. My favorite part of the blog was the definition for phony. it shows that you understood Holden’s emotions and beliefs about phony’s. The only thing that i would change aboutthis blog is the amount of laughter you put in Holden’s blog entry. In my opiniion, Holden does not seem to laugh much throughout the book. My suggestion would be to replace the laughter with “it kills me.” Besides that, you guys did a great job and it shows in your work.

  19. dancingqueen690

    I like how you guys put yourselves in Holden’s shoes. It definitely shows Holden’s personality and the situation he is in. Also, the dictionary definition for “phony” was very creative. Excellent job, you guys!

  20. (ASSIGNED)

    I think this blog was thought out very well. The overall layout is easy for me (as well as probably most 0ther readers) to follow. I thought it was very creative to create a dictionary entry of the word “phony” through Holden’s perspective. Also, the diary entry is clever because it follows different parts of the novel such as when he arrives in NYC and also when he goes to the Lavender Room. Nice work everyone!

  21. What page is your quote from?

    “Hmm.. did i mention I got kicked out of school again? That is like my fifth time.. I think?”

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