Assigned- amberocean, heretics, dware13

Janeeeeee: heyyyyy!
PhlunkOut4: hey whats goin on
Janeeeeee: nmnm, u?
PhlunkOut4: nm i guess.
Janeeeeee: that’s good! ive been meaning to talk to you for so long!
PhlunkOut4: yeah. how was your ‘date’ with Stradlater
Janeeeeee: uhm, it was interesting lol
PhlunkOut4: hah, what happened
Janeeeeee: nr, all he did was call me jean and try to get with me
PhlunkOut4: whatta phony.
Janeeeeee: yeah, i didn’t really want to deal with him, so i went back to school early
PhlunkOut4: yeah he told me you only signed out till 9
Janeeeeee: mhmm, some of my friends warned me about his personality.
PhlunkOut4: that’s good. hes one phony sonuvabitch.
Janeeeeee: lol…so how have you been, holden. I miss you.
PhlunkOut4: i miss you too Jane. alot.
Janeeeeee: really? why?
PhlunkOut4: idk, ive been thinking about you loads. ever since you went out with that phony.
Janeeeeee: thats weird, ive been thinking about you too.
PhlunkOut4: yeah? how so?
Janeeeeee: idk…just how i miss spending time with you and stuff.
PhlunkOut4: same.
Janeeeeee: really? do you mean that holden? or are you joking, cause that’s not funny.
PhlunkOut4: i mean it jane. i really miss you.
Janeeeeee: wow i didnt know you felt that way
PhlunkOut4: what way?
Janeeeeee: i mean, do you like me holden?
PhlunkOut4: i love you jane.
Janeeeeee: wow, seriously?
PhlunkOut4: i wouldn’t lie to you
Janeeeeee: wow…that’s odd.
PhlunkOut4: what, is something wrong?
Janeeeeee: no, i just…i didnt know you felt like that.
PhlunkOut4: im sorry, i shouldn’t have said anything.
Janeeeeee: no, its good that you did.
PhlunkOut4: why?
Janeeeeee: because i love you too.
PhlunkOut4: really?
Janeeeeee: “I wouldn’t lie to you”
PhlunkOut4: wow, this is incredible.
Janeeeeee: to love, and be loved back?
PhlunkOut4: yeah.
Janeeeeee: ive been waiting for you to say that for so long
PhlunkOut4: why didn’t you say anything? you must have known i felt something
Janeeeeee: i was nervous…that you’d reject me, or wouldn’t feel the same way
PhlunkOut4: ive always loved you.

Playing checkers waiting to check in...

We chose to make an online conversation between Holden and Jane because we felt it would really demonstrate the interactions between them. At first, Holden is timid and shy to Jane, and doesn’t really want to talk about how he failed out of school, or anything of the sorts. He simply says “nothing much, i guess” to either avoid the topic, or as to not worry Jane. Jane and Holden would much rather talk about Stradlater, and Jane’s date with him. Then, both of their true feelings for each other come out, and as it turns out, for the better. They both realize that they are in love with each other. We chose to use the song “Love Will Tear Us Apart” by Joy Division beacuse the lyrics are directly related to Holden’s feelings about Jane. The verse: “Why is the bedroom so cold
Turned away on your side?
Is my timing that flawed,
Our respect run so dry?
Yet theres still this appeal
That weve kept through our lives
Love, love will tear us apart again” shows Holden’s feelings about his relationship with Jane, before learning that she is also in love with him. The pictures we chose also have an importance. First, the little cartoon at top implies Holden’s inner feelings toward her. He knows he will always have these strong feelings for Jane. Then, above, is the picture of two little children playing checkers. When Holden tells Stradlater about Jane, Holden tells him about how they always used to play checkers together, and how she would always line up her kings in the back row, and not touch them. This is important because it exemplifies Holden’s love, because he always notices all the little things about her, and not just her appearance as Stradlater would. And the picture below is just an idea of what Jane and Holden would be like together. Notice the smiles on both their faces, and how comfortable they are together. Love brings happiness, and with happiness comes comfort.

holden and jane by daltonflint on Deviantart


42 responses to “Assigned- amberocean, heretics, dware13

  1. blackandwhitejunkie

    I LOVED IT. It was so adorable and I felt that it was realistic, and if Catcher in The Rye took place in 2008, I believe that you have captured exactly the dialogue that would have been exchanged between Jane and Holden. Great Job!

  2. (assigned) This blog is really cute. I agree with the person above me in that it is really realistic and this conversation would totally happen if the Catcher in the Rye was written in 2008. I also agree when you guys said that “love brings happiness, and with happiness comes comfort.” Throughout the novel, I believe Holden was trying to find his true love and his only true love was Jane. That is why he brings her name up so many times. He can relate to her. I believe that whenever Holden hangs out with Jane he is completely happy. This blog is awesome!

  3. I really liked this blog, it was so easy to relate to, being an online conversation. I could definately see this happening in real life too. You chose great pictures and song to relate. The conversation really brought out both Holden and Jane’s character. Good job

  4. Oh my gosh, I love this blog! I believe the online conversation between Jane and Holden represented how you can make two characters from a novel more modern. These characters talked through aim which represented there thoughts through the computer. I also think the pictures on this blog expressed many great ideas. It shows how two people can have such a connection to each other that you can even feel the emotion when you read the story. This group did a fantastic job creating their project, I would have never have thought to do such a creative first project, now I know for future projects! I really spend a lot of time thinking out my projects and all my ideas and I do try my best just like this group did.

  5. This blog was a great demonstration of the relationship between Holden and Jane. I loved how you included a dialogue that speaks with IM vocabulary. Your visuals are also a great addition to the blog, especially the pic of the two children playing checkers. I can really imagine those children being Jane and Holden. Excellent job!

  6. giants17pats14

    Like lihsapen, I was able to imagine Holden and Jane as the children in the picture. Also, I really liked the AIM idea a lot. I think it does a lot to put a more modern spin on a rather old (at least compared to AIM) novel. It makes the situation a more believable for our more technology-savvy generation. NICE BLOG!!

  7. partyboy4life

    assigned…this coversation between holden and jane is very realistic. It makes you feel that they are really talking to eachother, as if the where on aim or something. They way that they are really shy at first and give short answers is probably what would be going on in real life if that happened.

  8. The comment on March 4th, 2008 at 1:16 a.m. should say assigned.

  9. this conversation between Holden and Jane is adorable! I feel like it is very realstic, from how the conversation begins with Holden and Jane speaking of Stradlater, to Holden revealing his feelings for Jane. I also like the graphics that you chose, because both relate to the connection bewteen holden and jane, especially the last one because it illustrates their characters very well, jane being outgoing and fun Holden having his hands in his pocket, but showing signs of positive emotions. great job!

  10. I like this one a lot. It’s cute and creative. It was a good idea to make an aim conversation, protraying your ideas about a modern day communication between Jane and Holden. Nice job guys.

  11. (Assigned)
    I really enjoyed this blog and I loved the animation. I think it was creative to do an IM conversation because it is something that everyone today is familiar with. I feel that if The Catcher and the Rye took place during 2008, this would certainly be a conversation that would occur between Holden and Jane. Great Job!

  12. (assigned) I love this blog, as well as everyone else who commented. It is so cute and creative. I love the aim conversation because it modernizes the project. The picture of the two children playing checkers is so adorable and great for symbolism. Holden gets upset at Stradlater because he doesn’t truly care about Jane, or have memories of playing checkers with her. I love the line “love will tear us apart again”. This totally relates to Holden, and how he always hesitates to call Jane, and then when they finally have their date he totally misses it up. I love this blog, great job!

  13. (assigned)This blog enjoyable to read and look at. I liked how a number of different medias were used to express the mood of the scene and feelings of both characters.The conversation online was a good idea and I liked how it incorporates Holden’s typical lingo such as “sonuvabitch” and modern lingo such as “lol.” “LoL”is constantly being repeated by our nations youth and “sonuvabitch” was constantly being repeated by Holden. This combination of words link our era and Holden’s era. Nice Job!

  14. smilechapstick79

    (assigned) This blog is a perfect example of how a conversation between a girl and a boy exsists today. In the novel instead of using computers to talk to his “friends,” he frequently called them on the phone. These days, technology has improved to much that we are now able to communicate with someone via Instant Message in the blink of an eye. The first picture perfectly fits right in to the context of the novel and the blog itself. Playing checkers was Holden’s most vivid memory of Jane and also the second picture shows what Holden would have liked if only he was in a real relationship with Jane. The color effects of the second picture are terrific!

  15. chairandtable

    this blog was fabulous. it is very easy to read being that all day long teenagers are typing up AIM conversations. The words used sound perfect for Holden’s character while if Jane was actually met in the novel i can imagine her sounding just as she was portrayed in the AIM conversation. The pictures add to the love in their relationship. good job

  16. This was a great idea for this project. Demonstrating Holden feelings about Jane through an AIM convo was very creative. Holden talking in the conversation is so similar to the way he talks in the novel (simple and small sentences). The way he talks about Stradlater is exactly the same way he talked about him in the novel and the way he talked to Jane was something we have never seen in the novel. The idea that you made the conversation so similar to ones that most kids have nowadays makes it even more interesting.

  17. I think this was good because any teen can read this and it relates to us very well. Most teens today use AIM as one of the main ways of communication. This shows the true emotions of Holden’s feeling for Jane. The book never shows a conversation between Holden and Jane. Your interpretation of what the conversation will lookis exact to their personalities.

  18. the comment by yoshi22 (me) on March 6, 2008 @ 4:03 pm should be assigned

  19. ilikebutterflies

    I really like the format of the blog. It is very different than the other ones. I find that this blog was one of the few that was readable and not boring. I do not think that Holden would say that he loved Jane that easily. I also like the pictures of Holden and Jane.

  20. chairandtable

    ^ assigned <3chairandtable march62008

  21. killayanksfan101

    (assigned) This was an amazing blog. It really showed a happier side to Holden. I agree with the person above me that this is blog was very readable and interesting. But i do think that Holden would say i love you that easily because he was waiting to say it for so long.

  22. assigned
    I really liked the idea of this blog. Having an aim conversation was creative in that it brought a classic novel written 50 years ago, and made it modern with how people, aim(IM) now all the time. The way that Holden talks in aim resembles how he talks in the novel. Great blog!

  23. howtomaneuverwordpress

    I loveee this bloggg….. With the pictures, music and conversation, it covers all the bases. I consider the conversation realistic. The only part I disagree with is that I’m not sure if Holden would have taken the chance to come right out and say he loved her. Personally, I think that he would’ve waited for her to say it first. Besides that it was awesome and I could totally picture Holden having this conversation and I could see his screenname being PhlunkOut4.

  24. xxgigglebox99

    I absolutley loved this blog. I love how you used an AIM conversation to demonstrate the relationship between Holdon and Jane. I think this conversation might have even happened if Holden had enough courage to call Jane! I also like the picture with the two kids playing checkers… good reference to the book! Excellent work! 🙂

  25. I liked this blog alot. I thought it was very creative. It stays true to the character of Holden who we have been introduced too. It also shows us a typical converstion that teenagers have everyday. Good work!

  26. (assigned) I really like this blog. I think the aim conversation was very creative. It also helps our generation of teenagers relate to Holden and Jane. I think the dialoge was great between the two characters, by making them shy and intimidated it shows that they’re relationships are not easy. Also aim is a popular form of communication today, by making this blog an aim conversation you have modernized the situation. Great job!

    This is excellent! Such a creative idea and great way to appeal to teenagers by using the aim-style which teenagers are all to familiar with. I really felt like I was in the conversation, as if it was part of the book. Staying true to each of the character’s personalities was awesome and it was great how you were able to improvise things Jane would say despite her not speaking much in the novel or knowing about her thoughts. I also enjoyed the media you added. The pictures are adorable I especially like the second one with the teenagers. The animation is also very cute keeping in line with the theme of this blog. Two thumbs up. Keep up the good work!

  28. thekingqwertyuiop

    Very excellent and creative blog! Excellent idea on using aim, i don’t think anyone else came up with that! The conversation itself is very authentic, and truly “Aim” style. I actually learned new Aim language that i wasn’t accustomed to in the past, like nr (not really). Creative screen name for holden haha PhlunkOut4. Anyway i give this blog 5 out of 5 stars, it was very entertaining!

  29. legalflotsam42

    This is probably the best of the Catcher blogs. It goes far beyond the assignment and show an immense understanding of the novel in a highly creative manner. The AIM conversation was a very original idea which provides a possible outcome if the novel had taken place in 2008- with all of our easy communication methods intact. The expressions of the two children in the photo capture the feel of the book very well. Their intent expression show how teenagers can get so wrapped up in their problems and conflicts. Also replacing Holden and Jane with children relates to the book’s theme of holding on to innocence. “Love Will Tear Us Apart” is an amazing song that reflects the doomed nature of Holden’s character. However, out of the dozens of versions of this song, you guys probably chose the worst. Joy Division’s original captures the loneliness, isolation, and pessimism of Holden’s character much better.

  30. {Assigned} All the pictures from the emo-blobs to the little kids to the adolescent couple are adorable. I wish that we could have seen or at least heard from Jane in real life in the novel, not just from Holden’s memories. But I suppose that’s what makes blogs like this so interesting and entertaining. The Reader is allowed to envision their own ideas about how Holden and Janes’ interactions would have been like. Wonderfully executed and media-rich! Well done indeed!

  31. (Assigned)
    The AIM conversation is brilliant. I think it brings a modern tone to the novel. I can completely see this conversation taking place in Salinger’s writing. Holden is exactly as I pictured him in terms of how he speaks and what he says. Props!

  32. (Assigned)
    I think this has to be my favorite post, it is completely original and illustrates the book beautifully. It’s something we all can relate to, most of us communicate with our friends on AIM, it relates The Catcher in The Rye to modern day life with the use of technology.

  33. blackandwhitejunkie

    (Assigned) This blog has to be one of the BEST ONES here! Giving us a form of layout such as an instant messaging chat room lets us truly relate to the two teens (seeing as we I-M every day) and correctly grasp what the story would be like if set in 2008. It’s also more appealing to read when you have the elements of dialogue, instant message lingo, and that awkwardness you feel when typing to a crush online, which I’m sure we ALL can relate to! =] GREAT JOB GUYS ❤

  34. o the comment by yippyeiyo was assigned i forgot to write it.

    I realy liked this blog because it brought the characters and their actions into present day thoughts and ways about things. It really helped me see Jane and Holden in a new light and relate to them more by “seeing” them do something that i do everyday. No, not confess my love to some kid on the internet, but IM and have conversations over the computer. Another thing i really liked was that it was on the computer and not on the phone, the computer is less personal and you can type and retype and manipulate your thoughts before you spill them. Nice Job!

  36. (Assigned)
    I absolutely love this blog! I enjoyed reading the online conversation that Holden and Jane would have. It is very true to their personalities. I like that you chose for them to speak on AIM because it is probably easier for Holden, like most teenagers, to express their feelings, rather than face to face. The picture of the boy and girl playing checkers represents the two characters exactly as children, and the picture of the teenagers is a great representation of them grown up. Just everything put together including the animated cartoon is fantastic. The screen names chosen for Holden and Jane were very creative as well. Good work!

  37. assignment

    I really liked this blog. I think it was a unique and creative idea. I think everything that Holden said is what he thought in the novel.

  38. i loved this blog! i think you guys did an awesome job of portraying Holden and Jane’s true feelings for each other. I like how you still kept Holden’s uncertain and unrevealing personality within the conversation. This scene was really believable too. If The Catcher in the Rye took place in 2008, i wouldn’t be surprised to see an aim conversation like this! awesome job!

  39. legalflotsam42

    forgot to write (assigned)

  40. on my comment \it should have said assigned

  41. Assigned-

    This is one of my favorite blogs. Your idea was creative and unlike anyone elses. I think that if Holden was able to use this form of communication with Jane, this conversation could have deffinately taken place. You guys did an excellent job portraying both Holden and Janes emotions. I also like the layout of this blog. The entry is not to wordy. You guys used a good amount of media. Overall, great job.

  42. dancingqueen690

    Fantastic blog! It is very creative and I think that if Jane and Holden were to have an aim conversation in 2008, it would be something along the lines of this. I love the analysis. You guys focused on the part of the book that most people did not. Holden’s character is defined through his feelings for Jane and you captured that part wonderfully. Also, adorable pictures! They really tied in with the conversation. You guys did an amazing job!

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