Which character are you

Assigned: cheesefries08, dancingqueeen690

We used colors to symbolize the personalities of the different characters.  That way it can be presented in a creative and organized manner.



13 responses to “Which character are you

  1. That was a great quiz. I really enjoyed how you connected three different characters from three different books. It was a clever way to use the blog, and the presentation is well organized and easy to follow. You also characterized the different characters very well, and made it fun to follow the flow chart. Great job!

  2. giants17pats14

    I really liked the format. Like lihsapen, I think the results of the quiz are easy to identify, and the process is easy to follow. The blog is rather asthetically pleasing for a quiz. I took it, myself, but had trouble choosing which path to take much of the time. When I got down to the bottom, I realized that I’m not much like any of the characters that could be chosen from. Anyways, nice idea and execution!

  3. giants17pats14

    P.S. (assigned)

  4. mathandscience0

    I think the paths are mostly accurate. I think that the two characters that I ended up at are more similar to me than the other one (I ended up at different characters starting from different questions). However, for some of the questions, neither answer is appropriate for me (e.g. It’s a school night, what do I do? Homework). Additionally, I’m not sure that Holden would necessarily want to see a movie; he expresses disgust with the perceived phoniness of actors. I would be interested in seeing what answers/path would lead to Siddhartha. On the technical side, it might be easier to read if you increased the width (using the width=”number” attribute of the img tag). However, I’m not sure if this would just cut the picture off, or increase the width of the column. Overall, good job.

  5. (assigned) I like the idea of a quiz for this assignment. It was fun to do and i feel that the results of the quiz really fit my personality. Also i like the idea of using characters from 3 different books. Great job.

  6. Assigned
    The format of this quiz made it stand out. It makes the quiz more accessible than when facing a wall of text. It seems like there may be some limitations to using a format like this. Having more characters, or more answers may have made the chart too cluttered. The answers were representative of the characters.

  7. (assigned) This is a really creative way of making a personality quiz rather than just a,b,c answers. It’s really easy to follow and I like the fact that you put colors to identify which character path you are traveling down. I feel like the colors also symbolize the character, like bright pink for Nora because she’s very feminine, Mersault gets a blue because he doesn’t have many feelings, so he is like a block of ice. And then the dull color for Holden because he is just like faded into the background n depressed. Nice job.

  8. legalflotsam42

    Your graphic immediately caught my attention. It shows how a smart clean layout can make a blog that much more attractive to the reader. The flowchart itself is very good in defining the characteristics of your four chosen characters.

  9. {Assigned} This was a really interesting take on the character quiz idea. The situation was applicable to all the characters and flowchart was easy to follow.
    Although, the character descriptions at the end were a bit vague and one dimensional, they only focused on the social aspects of the characters. Holden for instance. True, he has very few friends, but it’s not the most important aspect of his character. Or you could have worded it in a way that was more profound and analytical, like: You’re a determined individual who sees faults in almost every one and you shun the world and it’s hardships. Just some constructive criticism.

  10. This was a really great quiz! i loved the format that the quiz was given in – it’s like the format from the magazines. I thought this blog was extremely neat and easy to follow, which made it enjoyable to read. i also like your answers/character results. I think you guys did a good job of analyzing each character at the end. Good job!

  11. legalflotsam42

    forgot to write (assigned)

  12. killayanksfan101

    (Assigned) This quiz automatically drew me in. I liked that it included things that we can relate to, so that we could actually identify ourselves as one of the characters. For example, it asks about our social lives, and all of us can relate to something like that.

  13. Assigned-

    This quiz was original and creative. There was no other group who created a quiz using this format. Like mathandscienceo i had trouble relating to some of answers. However, i think that you guys were able to accurately portray the characters involved in this quiz. Overall you guys did a great job.

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