Which character are you? (Assigned)

Which character are you? Have you read The Catcher in the Rye, The Stranger, and A Doll’s House? Do you think you are more of a Holden Caulfield or a Nora Helmer? Take this quiz and find out!

CP ducks

1.)    Your friend calls you and invites you to the movies. You say:

a.       Sure. As long as you don’t laugh obnoxiously throughout the entire movie.

b.      Whatever.

c.       I’ll do you the favor of going with you.

d.      That sounds terrific.

e.       Only if you wear something nice for me to look at.

2.)    Your dog runs away. How do you react?

a.       You chase after it.

b.      You shrug and say, “Oh well.”

c.       Tell everyone the story in great exaggeration.

d.      You exclaim, “Oh my goodness! This is terrible.”

e.       You Yell at the dog.

3.)    An attractive person of the opposite sex asks you on a date. You say:

a.       What are your intentions?

b.      Whatever.

c.       You look just like this girl I gave the time to once.

d.      I’m flattered, but I’m seeing someone.

e.       C’mon baby. YEAH!

4.)    An unattractive person of the opposite sex asks you on a date. You say:

a.       Yeah, sure. Let’s go get pizza.

b.      Whatever.

c.       I only talk to attractive women.

d.      No thank you.

e.       Ewwww.

5.)    Your computer breaks when you are typing up a report for school. You:

a.       Throw your computer out the window.

b.      shrug and say, “Whatever.”

c.       Complain about it to your teachers and peers.

d.      sigh and say, “What a pity.”

e.       Get someone else to do the report for you.

6.)    Someone flushes the toilet and the shower water runs hot. You:

a.       Scream.

b.      Whatever.

c.       Scream like a girl. And complain.

d.      “Oh well. It happens.”

e.       “Who the hell flushed the toilet?”

7.)    You fail your physics test. How do you react?

a.       “Oh well. I’ll just go to another school.”

b.      “Whatever.”

c.       “What is this? I WANT A GODDAMN RETEST!”

d.      “I’ll just have to apply myself more next time.”

e.       “This is disgraceful.”

8.)    It’s your birthday. What do you ask for?

a.       A prostitute.

b.      A gun.

c.       “Nothing. I’m perfect.”

d.      For your family to have good health.

e.       Another woman.

9.)    Your friend is wearing an ugly shirt. What do you say?

a.       I love your shirt. (Thinking: Damn that’s ugly.)

b.      Whatever.

c.       Where the hell did you get that thing? The dumpster?

d.      That is a lovely shirt. Where did you get it?

e.       Nothing. You ignore them.

10.)     If you had to wish for one thing, which would it be?

a.       To be with a loved one who passed.

b.      “I don’t care.”

c.       Money, popularity, fame, friends…

d.      “Nothing. I have everything I could ever want.”

e.       More women.

If you answered mostly A, you are Holden Caulfield!

You may not be failing out of prep school, but you and Holden have a lot in common. You are extremely judgemental of others, but you won’t always let them know it. You’re intelligent, but you are also very lazy, which affects your school work. You’re also pretty sensitive, especially when it comes to the opposite sex. You believe in deep relationshipsYou’re unique, but you’re also very self-conscious, so you don’t always show your true personality. You dislike “phonies” and you strongly dislike fake people. But you’re also just like every other teenager; you’re trying to discover your inner self.

If you answered mostly B, you are Meursault!

You and Meursault have one major thing in common: your existensialist outlook on life is rare and unique. You have little or no future aspirations or goals. You don’t care about making decisions, no matter how small or how life changing they may be. Some would say you ‘go with the flow’ while others may say you’re overly pessimistic. You rarely get attatched to people, and you don’t develop serious relationships with others. Your existensialist attitude not only affects you, but those around you.

If you answered mostly C, you are Robert Ackley!

Many people would consider you the ‘annoying one.’ Maybe you don’t compare to Ackley, but you always find a way to get in other peoples business, and you can never take a hint. You lie about your past to impress your friends (or other peers, considering you may not have many friends…) and you exaggerate when you tell stories. You also practice poor hygeine, which repulses your peers. You’re nosey and you complain a lot, but your lack of solid friendships causes your peers to pity you.

If you answered mostly D, you are Nora Helmer!

You’re ‘the sweet one’, as many of your friends probably tell you. Even in the most fustrating situations, your grace and elegance shine, and you are the most mature of your peers. You are level-headed, and you are caring and loving towards your family and your friends. But that doesn’t mean you aren’t afraid to stand up for yourself. Your self-confidence is higher than most people your age, but you don’t always express it; only when you have to stand up for yourself or your friends.

If you answered mostly E, you are Torvald Helmer!

Just like Torvald, you find the opposite sex extremely attractive, even though you may already be loyal to someone else. You don’t always see people for who they are on the inside, and you’re pretty materialistic. You don’t always realize the consequences of your actions until they start to unfold, and when things end poorly for you. Be careful – you don’t want to lose something that is special because of your selfish actions.

Author’s Note: Our group chose this assignment because we found that it was an interesting way to learn more about the characters we learned about this year in our english class. We took novels and drama’s that we read this year, including not only The Catcher in the Rye, but also The Stranger and A Doll’s House. Our group thought it would be humerous if we sllowed some of the answers to be comical and highlight some of the characters obvious traits. For example, for each one of Meursault’s answers, he responds “Whatever..”which highlights his existensialism. As a group, we believe that designing a character quiz was an insightful and fun way in understanding and analyzing each characters actions, personality, and character traits.

created by ilovebread, trackie99, ghettogreg04, and babyblue22.


2 responses to “Which character are you? (Assigned)

  1. lilthunder0306

    I really like this quiz, the question and answers really apply to the characters. I took the quiz, and I feel like it was accurate. It looks like you all enjoyed creating the quiz, and the characterizaton is very in depth and well written. Good job all of you !!

  2. longcatislong

    I thought this was an interesting quiz. The questions were all pretty creative, but I feel like some of the answers could have used a bit more depth. Most of the choices for Meursault are just some form of “whatever” which I feel doesn’t fully match the depth of his character (which you described well later on). Maybe a few more images or multimedia would help the overall presentation of it. Good job anyway.

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