Which Character Are You? (assigned)

Which character from novels we’ve read in school are you most like?  Take the quiz to find out! 

1)      How would you describe yourself in one word?

a.       indifferent

b.      controlling

c.       serene

d.      power-hungry

e.       insecure


2)      If you were stranded on an island what would you miss most?

a.       cigarettes

b.      your trophy wife

c.       you would be content with what you have

d.      other people to boss around

e.       love

3)      What is most important in your life?

a.       Nothing

b.      Reputation

c.       understanding yourself

d.      Yourself

e.       Your honor

4)  What kind of area do you live in (climate and social)?

a.   Boarding school

b.   Scandinavia (a.k.a.  the freezing cold)

c.   India

d.   tropical island

e.   Latin America

5)      What’s your favorite hobby?

a.       talk about other people

b.      brag

c.       think

d.      hunt

e.       write

6)      What is your ideal outfit?

a.       hat

b.      suit

c.       homespun cloth

d.      war paint

e.       dress

7)      Where is your favorite place to be?

a.       New York

b.      At work

c.       Next to a peaceful river

d.      Outdoors

e.       At home

8)      What’s your ideal job?

a.       None

b.      Rich, important businessman

c.       Teacher

d.      King

e.       Housewife

9)      What’s your favorite food?

a.       Hamburgers

b.      Lobster

c.       Rice

d.      Steak

e.       Tacos

10)  What famous person are you most like?

a.       The Marlboro Man

b.      Hugh Heffner

c.       Mohandas Gandhi

d.      Adolf Hitler

e.       Marilyn Monroe

If you chose…

Mostly A’s:

You are like Holden Caulfield from Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger! Holden is very indifferent and doesn’t care what people think. He is independent and has no concern for his future. You live a decadent lifestyle and often find faults in others.

Mostly B’s:

You are like Torvald Helmer from A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen! Torvald is very materialistic and self-conscious. You like to brag about what you have, especially your trophy wife.  You’re controlling, but don’t realize that you are being too controlling of those who you love the most.

Mostly C’s:

You are Siddhartha from Siddhartha by Herman Hesse! Siddhartha is very concerned about inner peace and self discovery. You follow your own path in life and learn from others along the way. The goals in your life aren’t set.  You live your life and let what comes come.

Mostly D’s:

You are Jack Merridew from Lord of the Flies by William Golding! You are very power-hungry and like to have things your way. You are a vicious savage and have no real friends. The only people that listen to you are those who are sacred of you. You display your strength to make sure other know that you’re in charge.



Mostly E’s:

You are Angela Vicario from Chronicle of a Death Foretold by Gabriel Garcia Marquez! You’re a liar, but you make up for it because you’re beautiful. You like romance and true love, and dislike relationships of convenience.  You like to keep your personal life private.


We chose to use these characters from the books we’ve read in school because each character has a very distinct personality.  Each has one major trait that sums up their personality as a whole.  These traits are also important because they distinguish the characters from each other.  Holden is indifferent.  Torvald is materialistic.  Siddhartha is serene.  Jack is power-hungry, and Angela, is romantic.  In order to incorporate these traits, as well as the cultures that these characters have as a result of the setting of the stories and of their homes and towns, into the quiz, we created an answer choice that corresponded to one particular character throughout the entire quiz.  For example, Holden’s letter was A, so each choice “a” answer corresponded to some aspect of Holden’s personality or life.  Therefore, the more choice “a” answers one chooses, the more like Holden Caulfield that person is.


6 responses to “Which Character Are You? (assigned)

  1. i love your quiz.I took it and got Angela Vacario. Although i think the answers can be difficult to relate to our lives, it was very interesting and the effort is very evident. The charactization was very true. I loved our you incorporated books from last year like the Lord of the Flies. I think specifically Holden’s answers are extremely accurate.He is very indifferent and does not care about much since Allie died. He often finds faults in others, and calls them a phony.He is some what of a hypocrite because he shares some of the character traits of the people he is critizing.

  2. comment by cheesefries08, at 11:15 should say assigned.

  3. lilthunder0306

    I love this it was great- Mr. Cicione…i love you..especially on my birthday.. (he told me to write that)
    The characterization is great. I love the pictures, it really keeps people interested and relates to the characters. I took the quiz, and I feel like it was pretty accurate. Good job all of you!

  4. worstnameever


    I thought your quiz was fun and had a lot of great analysis. Although most answers were very accurate, I was impressed with how hard it was for me to guess beforehand which answer corresponded to which character. The images you picked for the characters also seem fitting, and a few of them look exactly the way I imagined the characters looking in my mind!

    One thing that I did not fully understand is why you chose to put in a few very negative answers. I can’t imagine someone actually taking the quiz and describing himself in one word as “power-hungry” or, even worse, answering that he is most like Adolf Hitler! Still, I understand that you had to use these because some of the characters have those negative qualitites. Overall, good analysis and fun quiz!

  5. I thought this quiz was great. When i took it I got Angela Vicario. I thought that the questions stayed true to the chraracters they represent. I like how it gets the readers involved and it was a good way to attract readers. Nice work!

  6. oops that comment by yippyeiyo was assigned i forgot to write it

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