Sleep tight, ya morons! (Holden’s farewell letters – Assigned – trunyyfan15, longcatislong, killayanksfan101)

Dear Mr. Spencer,

By the time you read this I’ll already be gone, probably never going to see you again either. It’s kind of weird, when you think about it. We did get to be pretty good friends, you and I. Just about as good a friend as I could ever hope for at Pencey, and I don’t mean to sound sappy or anything. I’ve had a lot of teachers and all, being in so many different schools. You’re a good teacher Mr. Spencer, you know. Don’t think you’re bad because I failed, I’m just no good at history. I relly am. There’s nothing you could do about it.
Just whatever you do, I don’t want you to worry about me. I think I’m just going through a phase is all. It’s just like the grippe. You’ll get over your grippe and I’ll get over my phase. Right? We’ll be just fine, I know we will. Just don’t worry about me.
Anyways, I just want to say thank you. You’ve been a great teacher, you really have. I haven’t been a great student, but it’s not your fault. I failed every subject except for english, and that’s only because I’m good at writing compositions. So thanks Mr. Spencer, for being a swell guy if I ever knew one. Hope your grippe is feeling better already.

~Holden Caulfield


Dear Ackley,

You really are a sonuvabitch, you know that? It really killed me how you had such bad hygiene. You were disgusting, and had the nerve to come into my room every day and ask about things that weren’t your goddamn business. Also, you always used to stand in my light whenever I read. It also really kills me when you find the need to mess up my whole goddamn room. If you weren’t such a sonuvabitch, I wouldn’t care as much. I honestly don’t care what the hell you do, so long as you don’t affect me.
I would like you to know that the only goddamn reason why I asked you to come to the movies with me and Mal Brossard was because I felt bad for you. You sit there with your dirty, yellow teeth and deny your problem with hygiene. God, that really kills me. Anyway, I guess you noticed that I left, and don’t think your sorry ass I’m gonna tell you why I did. I’ll see you around “Ackley kid”. Don’t smell too bad.

~Holden Caulfield


Dear Stradlater,

I’m going to be leaving Pencey shortly. I would simply like to tell you how much everything you did simply killed me. A goddamn slob like you managed to get a great girl, like Jane. You have no sense of hygiene behind close doors, but you still have one of the biggest egos ever. You are so goddamn conceited and honestly, I’m glad that once I leave, I won’t have to deal with you anymore. People like you have no right to get anything good in life.
I get that I probably sound like some jealous maniac when I get frustrated about you dating Jane, but I know what kind of a person that you are. You don’t even care about Jane, and all you did was take advantage of her. I actually cared about that girl, whereas you know nothing about her. Now I simply would like to say that in the future, I hope that a goddamn person like you doesn’t take advantage of anyone else.

Holden Caulfield


We chose to write these fictional letters by Holden to the people he interacted with the most and might consider writing a farewell letter to. We thought he had a lot to say to these characters that he might have hinted at in person, but wouldn’t be able to fully convey his message without putting it in writing. Some of them are more harsh, revealing what we believed were Holden’s more true distaste for some characters like Ackley and Stradlater, who he was still mad at about Jane. We also picked Mr. Spencer because he was one of the few people in the school that he somewhat respected.

20 responses to “Sleep tight, ya morons! (Holden’s farewell letters – Assigned – trunyyfan15, longcatislong, killayanksfan101)

  1. Great title. It really caught my eye. I also think the idea for your blog is really unique, and you followed through very well. Your blog is well organized, and I like how you incorporated photographs that are symbolic of the characters you are describing. It was clever that you characterized these people through Holden’s eyes. This way you can analyze and characterize Holden as well and how he interprets other people. You’ve killed two birds with one stone.

    I really like how you included pictures that relate to the charters that you discussed in this blog. The visuals break up the writing and make the blog more appealing. I also like show you described the characters from Holden’s point of view and I believe that you have a very good grasp on how Holden would interpret things.

  3. (Assigned)
    Yea, I agree with lihsapen, the title really caught my eye when I was scrolling through the blogs. These leters I thought were amazing and really hit the nail on the head on what Holden would say to each of these characters in a farewell letter. The language is very accurate to what Holden would say. My personal favorite was the letter to Ackley, I thought it was very funny!

  4. The letters are written very much like how Holden would have wrote them. Although Holden later admitted to missing Stradlater and Ackley, he would have expressed himself the way your letters are written. I like how everything that was on Holden’s mind is able to come out through these letters.

  5. ilikebutterflies

    I feel that you portrayed Holden and his relationships with the other characters really well. I also think that Holden probably would not have admitted that he had a problem the way that he did in your blog. In the novel, he believes that he is the only normal one and calls everyone else around him phonies which is shown in the hotel scene. Overall great job! I liked how you broke up the entries with a picture. That makes it easier to read.

  6. thekingqwertyuiop

    As my fellow classmates lihsapen, and dware13,have stated, this blog has a great title. The SLEEP TIGHT, YA MORONS! Made it appear as a very interesting blog and when i saw it i immediately had to click on it. The letters were very interesting, and exactly how Holden would address those characters. The first picture was great but i think you could have done a little better on the last one. Excellent job overall..i would give it an A+ =)

  7. legalflotsam42

    Your blog captures Holden’s characterization very well by exploring his relationships with the novel’s other characters. The way he speaks to Ackley, however, did not ring true. Despite all of his complaints, Holden explains several times in the novel that he actually didn’t think Ackley was too bad.

  8. (assigned)
    First off i would like to say that the title really got me interested, great hook! I loved the idea of writing letters in Holden’s perspective and i think you have a good understanding of how Holden feels about the people that you had him write to. Good work!

  9. (assigned) I agree with everyone who said that the title really caught their eyes, because it grabbed my attention too! I really like the idea behind this blog, to have goodbye letters to the seemingly important characters. I think though, that maybe it shouldn’t have been “goodbye” letters, and then you could have possibly wrote one to Jane, since you were analyzing characters through Holden’s eyes anyway. But overall, I really liked this blog. Good use of photos, and Holden’s vocabulary.

  10. (Assigned)

    I have to say that this blog was very nicely done. It was creative and I feel that these would be Holden’s exact words in all of the letters. I think that this group did an awesome job and after reading the first letter I had to read all of them. This blog could have been written by the author and you wouldnt even know it. Great Job!

  11. I like the idea of writing goodbye letters from
    Holden. The way they are written stays true to Holdens character as well as the conncection he had with each of them. It shows a lot of creativity writing from Holden’s point of view and accurately portrays Holden’s feelings toward them.

  12. o that was i assigned i forgot to write it

  13. blackandwhitejunkie

    (Assigned) First of all, this is a really great idea and lead to a great result as well! The pictures are interesting to look at, and the letters are short and sweet but truly capture Holden’s personal feelings towards the people that he communicates with at school. I wouldn’t be surprized if you told me that J.D. Salinger himself wrote those!! Because Holden was leaving, he could say whatever he wanted in the letters, which helped for him to showcase what was truly on his mind about the characters. Well Done!

  14. (Assigned) This blog was great! It really portrayed Holdens feelings about the different characters he met in his life extrememly well, and i feel like these goodbye letters could have been a part of the book. Also, the title of this blog is very creative and as soon as i saw it i wanted to see what the blog was about. great job!

    I realllyy loved this blog. It really was a great portrayal of things he would say to these people. I also loved the title, it was very catchy way into luring a reader into something they werent sure about, making them want to read more into it. Another thing that stood out to me was the language that was used, it was really reflective of Holdens personality and personal way of speech.
    Sweeeeet Jobb : ] .

  16. (Assigned)
    I really love this blog! I like the large visuals that relate to each letter. As I was reading, it really sounded like Holden was speaking. You used the words and spoke with the same attitude as he would. I think it was very creative to write these letters from Holden’s point of view. Nice work!

  17. This idea is hilarious and very original! I enjoyed your use of the toothbrush picture to reflect Ackley- that was creative and very humorous. I feel as if Holden is a little too angry in these letters- he does say he misses Stradlater and Ackley towards the end of the novel, but they are very well-written otherwise. Your letters really convey Holden’s feelings as he expresses them in the book really well- you cover almost everything, from Stradlater’s “secret slobness” to Ackley’s habit of standing in Holden’s light when he reads. Well done- the layout was concise and to the point, and the letters were very entertaining.

  18. I really loved this blog! The first thing that caught my attention were the graphics. I also think that these farewell letters did an excelent job of bringing out Holden’s personality. I felt like it was really him writing, and i could definately see JD Salinger writing something like this in the novel. Good job!

  19. legalflotsam42

    forgot to write (assigned)

  20. (assigned)
    Great blog! The letters are a great way to represent how Holden acts and feels in the novel. Salinger probably would have written those exact words if they were incorporated at the end of the novel. The title and the photos set the tone for the blog also. They really caught my eye. Good Job!

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