Catcher and The Rye Horoscope (ASSIGNED)( irhbvui and funkychicken87)

Which Character From Catcher and The Rye Has the Same Horoscope as You!!

Aries-Bernice (March 21 – April 20) You are adventurous and energetic.  You are also very confident but you are often selfish and impatient.  This year you should take some time off from work to have some fun!  You should take some more time for personal hobbies and enjoy your life.  Don’t worry so much about all the little details; it is a good time to relax. 

Holden meets Bernice in the Lavender Room at the hotel.  He dances with her and describes her as being one of the best girls he has ever danced with.  This shows that she is energetic.  It also says that she is from Seattle and is with two of her friends.  This may be evidence that she is visiting New York to have a good time and relax.  The fact that she dances with Holden even though she realizes he is very young shows that she is not paying attention to little details as suggested in her horoscope. 

Taurus- Ackley (April 21 – May 21) You are patient and reliable. You are always there for people even if you get on people’s nerves. You are deemed to be warmhearted even if you are annoying at times. But at times you can be jealous. Maybe you want to be that top shot person. Be proud of yourself even if everyone finds you a pain.

You are like Ackley. You’re the kid that is always there, a tad annoying but an all around good kid. Ackley has some disgusting habits but hey at least he isn’t a secret slob like some people. (Even though Ackley does have mossy teeth)

Gemini- Holden Caulfield (May 22 – June 21) You are unique and stand out amongst society. Often this makes you feel aloof from your peers. You do seek companionship like that of the Gemini Twins. Your past may have strong influence on your current feelings and behavior.

If you are Gemini you are similar to Holden Caulfield. You should not let your differences allow you to be ostracized by society. By allowing yourself to be more open to other people you may find companionship in your life and be able to resolve unresolved issues.

Cancer-Jane Gallagher (June 22 – July 22) You are a very emotional and loving person. You are protective and can understand other people’s feelings like they were your own feelings. You are a great person to hang out with and play some checkers with. But sometimes you get too moody or you build up your emotions until they burst. Make sure you share your problems with others. There is always someone to help you. 

You are Jane Gallagher. You are loving and caring. You love to kick back and read a good book. But you always seem to never move your checker pieces from the back of the board. Jane Gallagher has some family problems but she always seems to be happy. When she likes something she will get excited about it to a point when “her mouth went in about fifty directions.”

Leo- Ward Stradlater (July 23 -August 21) You are energetic, outgoing, and enthusiastic. These traits may allow you to find success in life but can also cause you to be pompous. Your feelings of superiority may alienate those around you.

Leo’s are similar to Ward Stradlater. You may have found success in your life. It is important to not let your success make you feel superior to others. Self centered behavior may alienate others, and you must try to be more understanding.

Virgo- D.B. Caulfield (August 22 – September 23) You are modest but a hard worker. You can be very successful in life if you put your mind to it.  But at times you can be a perfectionist and worry a little too much about your success and your life. Be sure to know when to relax and when to worry and you truly will be successful in life.

You are just like DB. You may not become a famous writer one day and move to Hollywood but if you put your mind to it you sure can be successful in life. DB is Holden’s older brother and big shot writer in Hollywood. You may have heard about his famous book Secret Goldfish.

Libra-Maurice (September 24 – October 23) You are pushy and self-indulgent.  You are also indecisive and don’t tolerate arguments from anyone.  This year, your opinionated personality will get you or someone else into trouble.

Maurice is the man who works the elevator in the hotel that Holden stays at.  He pushes Holden to hire a prostitute, Sunny.  Then, when Holden refuses to pay her ten dollars Maruice goes to holdens room and forces him to pay the extra five dollars.  He refuses to take no for an answer and is the type of guy who will always get what he wants because of his “tough guy” attitude. 

Scorpio- Sally Hayes (October 24 – November 22) You are a very passionate and emotional person. You seem to have a magnetic quality about you. Maybe it is your good looks or your charming personality. You are forceful and will stand up for your beliefs and yourself. But you can get jealous and obsessive. You got to remember that everyone can not love you no matter how good you look.

You are like Sally. You are a very attractive person and you know that. You seem to get attention from everyone, especially when you scream “Lunts.” Sally thinks everything is positively marvelous. But she is not superficial. When she needs to stand up for herself she will.

Sagittarius- Allie Caulfield (November 23 – December 22) Much like Aquarius, you are intelligent. You are also optimistic and careless. You may have an interest in athletics. These traits may cause you to have an appreciation of literature.

People who are Sagittarius are most like Allie Caulfield. Your future can appear to be very bright. You also may be very important to another person and your absence could cause them emotional distress.

Capricorn-Old Spencer (December 23 – January 20) You are ambitious and disciplined.  You are also patient and humorous.   There will be some minor health issues for you this year, but nothing that you can’t cure.  You will also loose someone who you have become very fond of, despite all you have done to help them.

You can see that Mr. Spencer is ambitious and disciplined because he is a professor at a very prestigious high school. The health issue that Mr. Spencer encounters is a very bad cold right before school lets out for Christmas break.  Although he had to fail Holden in his history class, Mr. Spencer seems to be very fond of him.  I think he realizes that Holden is a good kid and has the potential to do well in school if he applied himself.  He tries to convince Holden to try harder but Holden is kicked out of Pencey Prep.   

Aquarius- Phoebe Caulfield (January 21 – February 19) You are intelligent and mature. You are also loyal and honest. Unfortunately these traits can make it difficult to connect with those less mature than you.

If you are Aquarius you are most like Phoebe Caulfield. Your intelligence may lead you to be successful. You must make sure that you are patient with other people and do not assume that they understand things the way you do.

Pisces-Sunny (February 20- March 20) You are secretive and very vague.  You are also independent.  It is time to take control of your life.  No more fooling around.  You need to focus on your future while making the best of the present.  Although you may be going through some tough times, you will get through if you don’t give up.

Sunny is the prostitute that Maurice sends up to Holden’s hotel room. She is very young which suggests that she was very independent at a young age.  This may have been due to family problems.  She is believed to be 18 or 19 years old, so she is old enough to be able to figure out what she needs to do in order to live a good and healthy life.  She has to realize she isn’t a child anymore and although Maurice seems to be helping her, he is not the type of person that will always be there for her.  


P.S. The color of the zodiac sign is the color that represents that sign



13 responses to “Catcher and The Rye Horoscope (ASSIGNED)( irhbvui and funkychicken87)

  1. I’m a leo, and I was just reading the horoscope. It really does relate to straddlater pretty well. He’s a jock and he acts cocky. He probably believes he is superior and successful due to the success he has with girls. The success he has found in his life definitely has made him become pompous.

  2. I agree with your characterization of each character in the novel. Looking at my horoscope (Scorpio) I find that the characterization of Sally Hayes contrasts with the image that Holden portrays of her in the novel. Holden claims that Sally is “stupid” yet his judgment may also be blinded by his other issues concerning sexual attraction and societal alienation. I feel that the objective perspective of Sally’s character is something unique to the ‘Scorpio’ horoscope.

  3. ilikebutterflies

    I am a Cancer and can relate to Jane, people come to me to find support and someone to listen to their problems. I do not have trouble sharing my emotions though. Since Jane was such an understanding person, that is why Holden felt at ease with her and longs to be in her presence again. She was one of the only people that Holden could connect to along with Allie and Phoebe. When he is lonely, he has the urge to call her. Although Jane is understanding, I do not think that Holden would share his emotions with her, he is still feeling the effects of Allie’s death.

  4. ah cool, i liked this because its interesting to everyone cause horoscopes can often fool ourselves into thinking thats how we actually are, or remind us of things we do that we don’t notice. I liked this alooooot!

  5. (assigned) This blog had a perfect description of the traits of the characters. i liked how not only it had a description of each sign, but a character attached to it. The description of Holden in the Gemini section was great because it described how he allows his past to control his present. I also thought that Phoebe Caulfield’s description in Aquarius was accurate because it proves Phoebe’s high maturity level for such a young age. Phoebe is able to talk to Holden about his problems and she attempts to bring her perspective along. The details and accuracy of this blog made it fun to read.

  6. I can totally relate to Jane. Also, all the other horoscopes are much like the characters and how they act. The video and picture adds great effect to the blog. Good job!

  7. Wow! I know all of these horoscopes relate to exactly some people that I know! For example, I am a scorpio and I feel that this explanation of the characteristics about me are completly true. I also feel I am most like Sally because I am a strong willed person and represent who Sally would be in real life. This group did a great job with the detail and effort they put into their project. You can tell they worked very hard.

  8. March 4, 2008 at 12:53am comment should say assigned

  9. (assigned)
    this post is very creative and original. It is something everyone of us can relate with. I like how the descriptions are vague, as are horoscopes in the newspaper. The analysis after each sign makes a connection to the characters in the novel and bring it together.

  10. (Assigned)

    I want to start off by saying that the picture used in this blog is truly amazing. It is really creative and it completeley relates to Holden in many ways. I also like the idea of the horoscope and I seem to fit perfectly to the character chosen. Great Job!

  11. wow i must say that this blog is very well done, the animation is EXTREMELY perfect for the characterization of Holden, and also shows important things in his life. The idea of horoscopes is very creative, and when i read my horoscope it fit perfectly not only to me but to the character themselves. well done!

  12. blackandwhitejunkie

    (Assigned) The Picture was absolutely PERFECT! I loved the color accent on the red checkers! It portrayed the entire novel is one shot!! Nice job! Also, I know there was a lot of writing for the horoscopes, but the color coding was essential and great so that you could find your own specific sign and not read through the entire thing to find it!!

  13. inuxattitudex80

    (assigned)The picture in the beginning of the blog was an outstanding idea; especially since it emphasizes the checkers which are an important detail in the book. The horoscopes are very detailed and have excellent characterizations of each of the characters in the book. Unfortunately even though I’m a Scorpio I can’t relate to Sally. Still, overall it’s a very imaginative blog.

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