Character Personality Test (assigned)

  • 1. You’re stranded with a group of people on a desert island. Which position would you take?
  • a. leader
  • b. leader’s advisor
  • c. the person who sits back and tans
  • 2. You catch someone cheating on a test. What do you do?
  • a. Go up to the person after the test and preach to them about how it is wrong, and how they are not learning anything by cheating
  • b. Do nothing, there is nothing wrong with cheating
  • c. Get angry, but ignore it.
  • 3. What’s the most important relationship that you could have with another person in your life?
  • a. Your children
  • b. Your spouse
  • c. Your siblings
  • 4. Which of the following describes you the most?
  • a. Driven by a passionate desire for knowledge
  • b. Repressed by your position in society
  • c. Lazy and apathetic about schoolwork
  • 5. Which of the following is your highest priority?
  • a. Myself
  • b. Family
  • c. Undecided
  • 6. What do you hope to accomplish in life?
  • a. To understand myself and the world around me
  • b. To keep my loved ones happy, no matter what it takes
  • c. Nothing at the moment.
  • 7. Which occupation best suits you?
  • a. a teacher
  • b. a con artist
  • c. something that doesn’t require much education
  • 8. You get mugged on the street. You catch the man, and he tells you that he needs the money to feed his family. What do you do?
  • a. Let him keep it.
  • b. Lie and say that you need the money for the same reason.
  • c. Curse him out and punch him in the face.
  • 9. What is your favorite subject?
  • a. Philosophy
  • b. Music
  • c. English
  • 10. What is something that really annoys you?
  • a. Spoiled, materialistic people.
  • b. Blackmailers.
  • c. Morons and phonies.

If you have chosen mostly A:
You are most like Siddhartha from Herman Hesse’s novel Siddhartha.  This means that you are generally an open minded person. The desire for knowledge is your path.  You’re not afraid to go through the woods and make your own trail, being an individual comes naturally.  Taking the assigned route is not nearly as fun, and conforming to the ideas and values of the masses is not your style.  Also, the ability to just accept theories is not in your system.  You have to ask yourself questions, and prove things to be true.  This may lead to a little adventure. 
You are not quite sure who you are, and are on an eager search to find yourself and your true meaning for life.  But, don’t worry … with your determination and patience, you will eventually reach your goal.
With your good moral value and self respect you can’t go wrong!
 Siddhartha Gautama

If you have chosen mostly B:You share many similarities with Nora Torvald from Henrik Ibsen’s drama, A Doll’s House. You cherish your loved ones very much and are willing to do anything to make them happy. You are not very outspoken, and you are a follower- changing your opinion to match those around you. You care a lot about your appearance and are looked at by others mostly as a person with a pretty face. When it comes to voicing opinions, you fade into the background to avoid conflict. You have sneaky and sly characteristics about yourself. You have a dendency to lie to protect yourself and keep your loved ones from finding out a disappointing truth. You sometimes fail to consider the consequences to your actions.Nora and Helmer Torvald   

If you have chosen mostly C:

You are most like Holden Caulfield from J. D Salinger’s, Catcher in the Rye. You share some of the characteristics of a typical teenager- a little lazy, wreckless, apathetic and adventure seeking. You strongly value family and you look up to your siblings, and share a very special bond with them. You are strong willed, however you choose to not take school seriously. You can be hot tempered, as well as sensitve. You strongly dislike it when others talk to you about your personal problems. Overall, you are a caring and sympathetic individual. Holden Caulfield

We chose this concept for our blog because we found it not only interesting, but entertaining as well. We designed numerous questions and produced answers that were reflective of three characters of novels or plays that we have read this year. We chose Holden Caulfield first in order to connect this blog to the Catcher in the Rye, then we chose Siddhartha from the novel Siddhartha and Nora Torvald from a Doll’s House. We chose Siddhartha, Nora and Holden because all of these characters have unique characteristics. They are all very different from each other as well. For each question we decided to assign each letter with a character, so that any answer of a (for example) would match up with a trait of Siddhartha’s. At the end of the quiz, the quiz taker will look over their answers and decide which letter they answered the most. Which ever answer came up most frequently will reflect the character that the person is most like.


7 responses to “Character Personality Test (assigned)

  1. lilthunder0306

    I really enjoyed this blog. The big text makes it easy to read, and reader friendly. The pictures add to the blog as well. The pictures really do relate to this blog. You all went VERY in depth in the characterizations and that truely helps. Job well done!

  2. {Assigned} I was one of the creators of this blog. Turns out I’m most like Siddhartha; individualistic and philisophocal. But I also have some characteristics of Nora and Holden. I can be very apathetic about school work and I would rather be an advisor than a leader in any situation. I think what makes and interesting character or person is that they’re multidimentional. They are not entirely and individual or not entirely a cunning usurper.

  3. (Assigned) Wow I really liked this blog. The questions were very good and the analysis of which character you are is very indepth and very precise! The pictures also look exactly like the characters from each novel/play!

  4. thekingqwertyuiop

    Wow…amazing blog! The quiz was so fun and very true, i turned out to be Siddhartha which i always thought i was more like. The Siddhartha picture is great, he looks exactly like how i pictured him in my mind.

  5. thekingqwertyuiop

    Also, excellent use of different fonts to get your message across.

    I liked and disliked this blog. I really liked the content of it and the validity of the questions and corresponding results, it was very accurate. What i didnt like was the layout, font, size and color of it. The size and color was really distracting and took away from the great content of the matierial by making it look juvinille along with the middle-school-ishh font was not nessisary and really should have been left in its original formant and font. Otherwise, great job!


    I liked this blog, because it was unique. It was able to incorporate other novels to create a personality test. By doing this, the reader is able to comprehend the characters of the main protagonists. Also, I liked the pictures, because it gives the reader a visual on the stereotypical look of that type of person. Great job!

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