On The Line With Holden!

PART ONE: The following is a phone conversation between Holden and his parents reguarding his expulsion from Pency Prep.
Holden: …
Mom:Holden? Is that you?
Holden: …Hi, Mom. (Under Breath) Damn.
Mom: So…How are things at school going?
 Holden: Not…bad.
Mom: I got a call from Pency Prep the other day.
Holden: Yeah? Okay.
Mom: Holden, I don’t think you know how serious this is.
Holden: Eh, You’re probably right.
Mom: What can I possibly do to get you to change? Flunking out of four schools can’t be healthy. AND you’re lying to me. You said school was “not bad”!
Holden: I didn’t lie…I’m passing English.

PART TWO: The Following is a phone conversation between Holden and Jane.
(The phone is ringing.)
(The phone is still ringing.)
Jane: (Answering Machine) Hey guys, it’s Jane. I’m not at my phone right now, so leave a message and I’ll see what I can do about getting back to you! Bye!(BEEP.)
Holden: Jane. Oh. Wow, uh…Hey. It’s Holden. Um….Wow, I didn’t expect to leave a message. Usually I hang up on the last couple of rings. Ha. Consider yourself lucky, I guess. Well, I didn’t really prepare anything to say. I should have, you know, having passed English and everything. Uh………so…..I’ve been okay. Okay living on my own, okay kicking it in the city. But there’s this…image that I can’t get out of my head, that I see in every subway grate, every skyscraper window, every damn hotel elevator. And what I see is……..well……it’s you. You’re… so pretty, Jane. And smart too, you’re not a phony like everyone else, not like Stradlater. I’M not like Stradlater. Ha, thank God I’m not. Sure, I’m not as suave and attractive as he is, but at least I’m not a goddamn son of a bitch! Ha! Anyway, the thing is…Jane…I…I think I love you, I’m in love with you. Oh. Wow…that sounds…that sounds good. I…love you, Jane. What wouldn’t I give to be with you right now, in Maine, in a summer house just like ours. No phonies, no big cities, just us. That would be goddamn lovely. (sigh) And I-
Jane: (Picks up phone a little late) Hello?
Jane: Hello??….
Holden: (slams down phone). 


27 responses to “On The Line With Holden!

  1. Great photo! And the conversation sounds pretty accurate.


  2. Mr. Cicione…this group purple 1234…we just wanted to comment on your use of the word peace…were impressed however
    peace /pis/ Pronunciation Key – Pronunciation noun, interjection, verb, peaced, peac·ing.
    –noun 1. the normal, nonwarring condition of a nation, group of nations, or the world.

    therefore peace is not supposed to be used as means of saying goodbye (extra)

  3. Thank you for the grammar lesson. I did not realize that a sentiment like “peace” would bring so much anger.

    Still peace.

  4. blackandwhitejunkie

    woah! I didn’t know pcicione was Mr. Cicione!!

    I got it mixed up with notpcicione!!!

    …i probably sound like a moron after saying that =]

  5. the conversation was very brief yet very characteristic of Holden. the picture fits well. You capture the idea that Holden doesnt care very well. I think he would be less confrontational and less sarcastic in reality. looking forward to some expansion on this idea.

  6. This blog reflects his personality really well at the end. He is being a little sarcastic, however he is actually serious. He doesn’t believe he is doing that bad since he is passing English. Obviously he is doing bad if he is failing out of the school, but he doesn’t see that because he doesn’t really care too much.

  7. I think this group did a great job on the blog. A phone conversation was very creative and you did a nice job in making it realistic to Holden’s true character.

  8. I agree with these previous comments, you did a great job trying to convey Holden’s character with both his mom and Jane. I liked the use of sarcasm in his conversation and how he finally leaves a message for someone, but once Jane answers he hangs up. The last picture also relates really well.

  9. Both conversation really demonstrate Holden’s character. The first conversation shows how laid back he is about school and how he doesnt really care that he is failing. The second conversation shows Holden’s caring side. Both pictures are awesome.

  10. p.s. that comment was for the assignment

  11. This was so good. The conversation with Jane was exactly as if Holden had said it, very realistic and very well thought out. He sounds like a mixed up teen just like he was potrayed in the book. I liked that Holden hung up the phone as soon as Jane picked up even though he left her an hour long message saying he loved her. The reason I liked this was because it showed that Holden primary problem still exists, actual communication with his peers, or even the girl he loves. I can infer that he had probobly been afraid of what Jane would respond to the previous message he left. It leaves the reader to wonder and I love the two black and white photos. Good Job :).

  12. This is accurate to Holdens characterization of being impetuous
    The only flaw is that Holden was never the type to open up to anyone especially Jane. He doesnt have the maturity to tell if hes truly in love or not, and it seems improbable that he would confess his feelings to Jane. Holden seeks a relationship with Jane but he will never get that because he refuses and is afraid to truly grow. This conversation shows traces of growth and maturity. my only question is when this phone call was made, during or after the novel.

    PS like the phone slamming:]

  13. This is hilarious. Holden calls his parents because he knows it is the right thing to do, but regrets it when his mother actually picks up the phone. Pretty much sounds like what would happen. I love how you guys made Holden’s message to Jane sound like it was casual at first, but then turns out to be this long speech, revealing his love for her, when all he has to do is say his name and leave a number.

  14. O.K. I was kind of waiting for something to come up asking me to label my comment but it never happened…so Comment #13 is assigned.

  15. The phone conversations between Holden’s Mom and Jane really display his true character. When he is on the phone with his Mom it shows how much he doesn’t care about flunking out of school again and his habit of always lying. Also, the conversation with Jane before he answers the phone displays his true personality and feelins, but when she answers, he quickly hangs up which demonstrates his true innocence and shyness. Good job!

  16. I think that the conversation between Holden and his mom is pretty accurate, although I do think that she would dwell on how important and serious it is that he failed out of school and then change the subject, like she did with Phoebe having a cigarette. And I also agree that Holden probably would not open up to Jane like that.But, it’s a very good conversation. Great media.

  17. smilechapstick79

    (assigned) I think that this phone conversation between Holden and his mother and then Holden with Jane accurately portray’s Holden’s personality. When he is talking to his mother, he is very nonchalant about school and the fact that he is failing out, just like he is in the novel. In the novel, since Holden is never satisfied with any of the schools he has attended and it doesnt matter to him if he succeeds, this reflects exactly what he would say if he was actually on the phone with his mom at that time. When he then says, “I didn’t lie… I’m passing english,” he is very sarcastic, again correctly portraying the Holden in the novel. In the second phone conversation with Jane, Holden is telling Jane’s voicemail that he loves her and he sounds even a little nervous nervous, but just the fact he is telling Jane that he loves her on her voicemail instead of in person gives the readers the feeling that it is a very laid-back everyday situation. Again, great blog and the pictures help enhance both of the phone conversations very well.

  18. (assigned)This phone conversation displays to the reader 2 different versions of Holden. The sarcastic, not caring Holden is in the first conversation, while the shy and passionate Holden is speaking in the second phone conversation.This shows how depending on the person he is speaking with, and topic Holden’s personality is always subject to change.I also like the picture at the bottom because it shows how the boy and girl who represent Holden and Jane are “so close together yet so far away.” The only thing standing in their way is a telephone pole which represents communication. This picture goes along very well with the blog. Good job!

  19. giants17pats14

    Nice project! I really liked the black and white photographs. I think it really gets the idea across that when Holden got kicked out of Pencey the world sort of became a bit darker and less friendly. He really wasn’t looking forward to talking to his parents about it either, and the darkness adds a bit of doom, along with the “TO BE CONTINUED…” Great job once again!

  20. (assigned) This blog was brilliant. I feel like it could have happened in the novel. I think Holden would completely leave a message professing his love for someone and go off on a random tangent. Kudos!

  21. lilthunder0306

    This blog is VERY creative. The pictures add to the blog and the black and white are are great effect. I really agree with pcicione it was brilliant.

  22. (Assigned)
    I love the picture at the very top, it really grabbed my eye and set a tone for the entire blog. The conversation accurately depicts the character that Holden is. The only thing that I thought that could have been better was that the conversation could have been a little longer, it is kind of short. But! Great job!

  23. blackandwhitejunkie

    wow, im really glad everyone likes it! Thanks! =]

  24. (Assigned)
    I really like this blog a lot. The pictures are amazing, they really capture the essence of this. I loved how both parts are represented by pictures, it really engages the reader. Good job.

  25. (assigned)
    I really liked this blog. The pictures and conversations really give an accurate representation of Holden’s true character. It was also a good idea to use two different different characters to give a complete assessment of Holden. The message on Jane’s was really well written and creative.

  26. (assigned)
    Wow, this was really a creative idea to demonstrate Holden’s true feelings of Jane and his mom. The sarcasm in the conversation with his mom and how he left the conversation with Jane made me laugh. I also like how the photos are black and white. Great job.

  27. (ASSIGNED)

    I really enjoyed reading this blog. It places a hypothetical situation of Holden speaking to his Mom, and how he would react. What is cool is that even though this scene did not take place in the novel, it captures Holden’s feelings and how he would react if placed in the situation with his Mom and Jane. Also, it is easy for the reader to follow your thoughts and the message you were trying to convey about Holden’s character.

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