HOLDEN CAULFIELD- THE BLOG (assigned-notpcicione, partboy4life, cheer2191x, eden117)



Diary Entry- Holden is kicked out of school. Inner thoughts based upon information from the book so far.

So what is this? I am failing out of school again. The fourth time. My life is far from perfect. I don’t get why people care so much. I try a little, and it just doesn’t pan out. It’s not their fault, so why are they so upset. Its my fault, but I don’t care, so no one should care, really. Anyone know a good school I can go to that they won’t kick me out of??? – HC 12/21

Well, I’m off! I’m going to the NYC to enjoy life a little. I’ve got the money to do it. Senile Grandmas are the best!!! I need sometime to relax and to unwind after my tramatic goings-on in school. No parents, no rules, no anything. Just me alone in the biggest city in the world. Tons to see, tons to do. I think I oculd get used to this. Oh Yeah. Just like the kool-aid guy.- HC 12/22

HC BACKATCHA! So its late…and I can’t seem to fall asleep. I only just got into NYC and checked into the cheapest and most low class hotel you could imagine. It’s the the freakin Plaza Hotel here, no joke. Cross dressers, perverts, all the high class you would expect from an NYC hotel. Should I go out into the wide-world of the hotel and see what’s going on? Hmmmm. I’m stuck here. Boredom or mildly interesting (and I’m using the term mildly VERY loosely here, I’d rather gauge my eyes out) scenes from a hotel? It’s a toss up….but I’m gonna have to go with scenes from a hotel. Hell, I can’t sleep, so what’s the point in sitting around anyways…..HC OUT-12/22 (later than the last time I posted for all you geniuses out there who think I can check into a hotel in NYC before I actually get to NYC)

I’m back…you all missed me I’m sure. Well its been an eventful evening. I went to the club downstairs in the hotel…and to make a long story short… there are some girls who are good looking, some who have brains, some who can dance, and some who can do none of the above. I was having SOOOO much fun in the club downstairs, but I just had to pry myself away…I can say why, maybe to find something that was more… oh what’s the phrase?…interesting and fun?…yes I think that was it. Anyway, so I went to this other club that my big brother used to take me to so I could hear this great pianist play. He’s a huge phony, but a great musician nonetheless. So I’m sitting enjoying this small taste of paradise as best I can given my surroundings when who should show up but this girl my brother used to run with. I was so happy to see her that I left the club. At this point I’m tired, but on my way up to my room, some guy says I can get myself a girl for an hour or so for $5. I’m not sure why, but I said yes. About 15 minutes later, some girl named Sunny shows up….and I looked at her, and I’m not sure what happened, but I just felt bad. I couldn’t do it. Something about the whole thing didn’t sit right with me. So I said I’d pay her the $5, and she could go. She told me $10. I said only $5, gave her $5 and she left. Now its time for bed. Night to all. Wonder what tomorrow has in store. HC-12/22 (or 23 at this point, its so late).

The street by my hotel

GOOD MORNING HOLDEN’S BLOG READERS!!! So last night when our hero (yours truly) last left you, he told you he was going to sleep. Ah, but that wasn’t the truth. I tried to go to sleep, and then that guy from the elevator barged into my room and demanded I pay his girl the other $5. He roughed me up til they took the money from me and left. Then I fell asleep. As if that wasn’t enough, morning I decided to call up this girl, Sally, who I don’t even like much (Sally, if you’re reading this blog…the truth hurts sometimes). Now I’m going to a show later. I’m running a little short on cash though. We’ll see how the day goes. HC-12/23


6 responses to “HOLDEN CAULFIELD- THE BLOG (assigned-notpcicione, partboy4life, cheer2191x, eden117)

  1. This is really good picture to represent Holden. I think the expression on his face captures his primary internal thoughts just about right; that of lonely, apathetic brooding…and a little self pity.

  2. This reminds me of all the good times when I was in high school and I had a leather jacket — and a lot more hair.

  3. Not to be obnoxious but the largest city in the world is not New York City. otherwise i really like the blog. it has a cool tone to it. i respect the senile grandma thing. another point is that he looks just like one of the greasers from The Outsiders. definitely a lonely guy, solitary, maybe looking for a chance.

  4. I really like this blog as well. I think it really reflects Holden’s apathetic, hot tempered character. He feels a little lost, and doesn’t always understand the world around him. The picture also expresses his emotions.

  5. smilechapstick79

    (assigned) Overall, this blog is put right into Holden’s words. The reader can sense the whole don’t-care-about-anything additude that Holden has, especially when he says, “No parents, no rules, no anything.” Deciding to run away to New York is a big choice specially since New York is so large but instead of stopping to think about his decision, Holden runs away. What I would have liked to also see in addition to this is how Holden feels inside about being alone in such a big city. On the outside, Holden seems to be careless but on the inside, he is very lonely and wishes he had someone to be with him. The pictures fit right into this blog. The first one can represent Holden. The man in the picture looks very non-chalant, maybe even wishing he had someone with him, someone to do something, anything with. Overall, great job on this!

  6. (assigned)
    This blog was very creative. I like how it was put into how Holden would say it. The “relaxed” english in the writing adds to the piece. However, I do think the group missed on on some oppurtunities to use Holden’s actual speech within the piece. For example, use an actual quote from the novel or instead of saying that he checked into the “freakin Plaza Hotel,” it could have been an oppurtunity to say the “goddam Plaza Hotel”

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